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Help with burning pain in stomach/esophagus

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Cowgirl78, Mar 17, 2022.

  1. Cowgirl78

    Cowgirl78 New Member

    Hi there!

    I have a long and complex TMS history of different symptoms and know about TMS for a long time. I am also doing therapy.
    So I have a lot of knowdlegde but unfortunately nothing did help my symptoms until now.

    For about 1,5 years now I have sth new: during a stomach bug which lasted about 2 months in combination whith some medical treatment I did not tolerate well and psychological stress I developped a burning stomach which spread to my esophagus, mouth and even nose. In the beginning it was a real inflammation from too much stomach acid but then it became a conditioned overreaction.

    So now whenever sth elevates only slightly my stomach acid (like a bit of stress, some hot spices in food, a viral infection) my mucosa goes in overprotection mode. Not only does it produce extreme burning hot pain, it also causes blistering of the mucosa (visibly) and an inflammatory response. It's like the immune system of my stomach/esophagus now reacts to very small stimuly as if they were huge threats (which in fact they are not).

    As it's not only pain but real inflammation which is produced I need to calm it down with proton pump inhibitors (I tried all other natural things but either it did not help or I did not tolerate it, I am very sensitive to medication and supplements). They help as they reduce acid and therefore the "perceived threat" my system is reacting to. Unfortunately this medication causes other medical problems for me I now have to deal with.

    I am meditating daily
    I am doing the somatic tracking
    I try to calm down my system and whenever I notice the burning starts I tell myself ("it's just an overreaction to sth totally harmless").
    I am doing psychotherapy (I tried psychoanalysis which did nothing for me and now for some years someatic experiencing, NARM and ego state therapy). I have a history of developmental trauma which adds to the problem of perceived threat.

    I do not like journaling (tried this several times in the past)

    Once the reactions starts it needs about 4-8 weeks to calmd down and heal all the inflammation. Then I tapper off the medication but usually it doesn't last long and the next trigger comes along (I get sick easily and with every virus I catch it starts over again).

    Any suggestions? I am a bit at my wits end.

    Any success storys, insight or tipps appreciated!
    Thank you!

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