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Help me decide if it's TMS related or not

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by ariel233, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. ariel233

    ariel233 New Member


    So I suffer from Postherpatic neruolgia pain after shingles that I'm not sure if it's due TMS because It's really unlikely but it's also unlikely to be PHN (Postherpatic neruolgia), I'll explain:

    It's unlikely to be PHN because:

    People usually develop PHN if they had severe case of shingles, if they immunecomparised or even if they had pre symtpoms before the initial shingles outbreak, and I had nothing of it !
    And the most improtant thing - the main risk factor for developing PHN it's age, being over 60, and I'm only 22 !

    Still think it could be shingles ? Take in mind that it's extremly rare to have the PHN delayed for 4.5 months (!) after the shinglels, and that what happened with me !
    It usually starts right after the rash cleared or maximum one months after.
    I read tons of stories of people who got it and maybe 2-3 of them had it delayed that much.

    But, there is also some reason why it's not pure TMS:

    First of all, After my shingles outbreak finished and I was pain free, I had no clue I could get the PHN delayed, I thought I compeltely finished with it, so I can't say I had this fear of getting PHN lingering in my mind.
    Also, my symptoms and pains are now not in the place I had my intial rash but near them (I didn't knew it possible, and if I would imagine the symptoms I would imagine them not there).
    I had the rash in my neck and now my main pains are on my arm and behind my shoulder, it's possible with PHN, I just didn't knew it.

    So agree with me that after all I wrote you would really confused if it's TMS or really really unlucky PHN case, but today I tought about something that combaine both of them:

    As I said above, I researched about PHN a lot during those painfull weeks and I heard about some cases that people just have minor nerve damage from the shingles and when they stressed it flare up for day or two and than they fine again.
    Im my case, I was really afraid to get PHN so even after I was 4.5 months recovered, when the pain flare up again 3 weeks ago, I freaked out immidatly this day and thought it's new shingles outbreak again, and maybe this fear of shingles again, prolonged the pain and made it last instead of shout off after a day or two like a lot have it.

    So what do you think ?

    I'm really not sure about it if it's crazy idea of mine or can be actual true.

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