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Help back pain for 1 year

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by aces0730, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. aces0730

    aces0730 Peer Supporter

    I injured my back a year ago while cleaning the house and preparing for Thanksgiving Day. I cleaned for 8 hours straight. I have a husband and a teenage son, a job and responsibilities. I used to be able to have house beautiful all the time, but after my son came along and going back to work, I found it harder and harder to keep up. I let things go, cleaning when I need to.

    After doing 8 loads of laundry folding it, vacuuming, steam mopping hardwood floors, dusting, cleaning china, and setting a table I sat down and felt this sharp pulling pain where the top of my iliac crest meets my back muscle, I was taking deep breaths like in labor because that pain was intense. I said, oh no, "what did I do?" I immediately got ice and prayed it would go away. How the hell was I going to host Thanksgiving dinner.

    The next day the pain was even more intense. I had to cut off 3 pairs of control top pantyhose to hold everything in so I go host the dinner. Thank God my husband was doing the cooking, but I still had to help him prepare.

    I did my best to keep the pain hush. The day after Thanksgiving, I had to go into Boston for a Celtics game in pain. I kept it to myself so I wouldn't ruin the day for my son.

    I've been to countless PT appointments, where I got better only to have the pain come again. I've tried chiropractic and spent $4000 there. I'm at my wits end. It's a year later and I can't get out of this pain cycle. The pain is in an area called the Quadratus lumborum.

    I have heard of John Sarno and started reading the Mind Body Prescription and the Divided Mind. I found Nicole Sachs while searching for therapists.

    I am using both Nicole's program and this program. Nicole, is are a breath of fresh air and knowing that I am not alone with this is comforting. I just wish I could talk to someone on the phone to hear a voice to tell me I'm going to be okay. I've noticed that as I'm doing the writing some of my pain dials down, but maybe an hour or so later it dials right back up. I don't know if this is "normal"

    I have a jerk for a boss, it's our busy season, my son is turning 18 and will be off to college next September. I have gained 20 pounds over this injury and I'm at my wits end. I feel like taking a bottle of pills and ending it. Thanksgiving is next week and it's the 1 year anniversary of the disaster of when back pain took hold of my life. I so want to call in sick, but I've used 3 of my 5 sick days and we are at the busiest time of the year.

    I have Thanksgiving to host again.

    Please call me 978-430-6455.

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  2. jml19

    jml19 Peer Supporter

    So so sorry to hear what you have been dealing with. That type of thing can be very hard to deal with emotionally. I had a lot of problems with my back....I kept injuring myself and getting spasms. Then I started having anxiety and panic attacks because of the pain and fear of future pain. This is what greatly helped me when I injured my back:

    1. Read "Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes....it's a quick read and I took notes that I read over and over. It helped me get over the anxiety.
    2. Watched the (free) short videos on Gary Crowley's website: Do-It-Yourself-Joint-Pain-Relief.com. He taught me how to release muscle spasms before they had a chance to get too painful and inflamed by using a simple tool, such as a tennis ball in a sock.
    3. When I injure myself, I use the tennis ball, but have to be very careful for a couple of days. To help me remember to take it easy and not twist the wrong way while my injury is healing, I wear an adjustable back support. The support also helps a lot with the pain.
    4. I also ice the area after I first injure it....several times a day. I never ever use heat. My chiropractor told me she never recommends heat because it draws blood to an area and you don't want more inflammation.

    Anyway, this is what I have done and today I am completely pain free in my back and neck. This is despite the fact that I have a few wonky discs, injured my tailbone, and have osteoporosis in my lower back.

    I have one immediate suggestion for you: Say to yourself, "Oh boy, I GET to host Thanksgiving dinner"! Then sit down with pen and paper and write down at least 5 things you are thankful for. And every single time you start to feel down, or the pain starts picking at you, just say, "I am thankful for......and fill in the blank". When Thanksgiving comes, put on your favorite Christmas music and crank it up and enjoy the process.
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