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Hello Suffering From Intense Wrist Pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by ericserpa1, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. ericserpa1

    ericserpa1 New Member

    Can anyone help I'm having a really tough situation here. I have had my scafoid fracture for 15 years now I found out a few months ago on an MRI and it hasn't hurt too bad I but recently my wrist flared up and it was very swollen but Its been 2 weeks and I ended up icing it and it was getting better a lot than for some reason it's getting worse I feel helpless and I also do for surgery but it's not going to be for a while especially with covid -19. My question is that it feels like it's not getting much better it was for the first week then I think TMS is now suppressing the healing it throbs when it shouldn't. Like I feel like I'm making it way worse than it is. I am getting depressed from all the pain and wish I knew if it was TMS making it feel worse. I used to suffer severe knee pain after surgery I think my body is over exaggerating the pain paralyzing me.

    if this is TMS this would be the 3rd-4th time I got it
  2. ericserpa1

    ericserpa1 New Member

    The reason I think it was TMS is that it was getting way better than it took a turn for the worse. Pulsating numbing pain after just resting
  3. ericserpa1

    ericserpa1 New Member

    Today I am doing a little more I'm not stuck in my bed all day and I'm not as afraid of the intense pain. It still hurts and is a little more redness to it, but this also happened 5 years ago when I had knee surgery and suffered tms on the recovery for 10 months those were depressing times. I feel like im going through what I did previously. but this time I know the bone is a non union but still shouldnt be dealing with so much pain because it did feel better.

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