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Hello fellow TMS sufferers

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by zdlore, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. zdlore

    zdlore Newcomer

    Hi my name is Zack,

    I'm 31 years and have had chronic pain for over 10 years now. Despite having the absence of a specific accident, I developed pain and weakness in my hands, fingers, thumbs, wrist and forearm muscles. As a result, through the years, I've severely limited my guitar playing time, and writing and typing were often extremely difficult due to either pain and or muscle cramping. Later in my mid 20s I developed neck, shoulder, and upper back tension that was so severe that I quit playing competitive sports, running, and lifting weights. I've had extreme difficulty standing or sitting for an extended period of time. I have dreaded going to work because as a nurse, my job is very physical and my pain would invariably increase. Needless to say my pain caused me a lot of emotional stress. Little did I know that unconscious emotions were causing my pain. Over the years, I continually searched for a solution to my pain. I saw an MD injury specialist who said my pain was due to scoliosis, and hyper-mobility of my joints. She prescribed physical therapy and gave trigger point injections which didn't help. I saw multiple chiropractors, other physical therapists, and an Egoscue therapist who contradicted her and said that I didn't have hyper-mobility, but they would theorize something else physically wrong with me light a lack of cervical lordosis, forward head posture, rounded shoulders, weak core muscles, stiff ribs, and even thoracic outlet syndrome. Thankfully about a month ago I came across the work of Dr. Sarno, and it was a revelation to me. For years, thanks to advice of so called specialists, I thought my body was fragile, and that there was a seemingly unresolvable misalignment in my posture causing the pain. Since discovering Dr. Sarno's work, I have read two of his books and have also read Steve Ozanich's wonderful book, the Pain Deception. It's a blessing to finally know the source of my pain. I only wish I discovered it sooner. So many of the typical TMS sufferer's characteristics I possess myself in that I'm a goodist, non-confrontational, social anxious, a worrier, an introvert, highly competitive, and I experienced a profound loss when my mother died of cancer when I was 5. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, learning from you, and continuing my path to healing.
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  2. TheKingAdRock

    TheKingAdRock New Member

    i can relate to a lot of that. especially the frustration of seeing multiple doctors and getting multiple different diagnosis of structural problems or 'trigger points' etc...

    for me a key point has been focusing on eliminating the fear of the pain and not letting it dictate what you do. that and really believing that the pain is from TMS and not and injury or any of the other hogwash diagnosis you've received.
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  3. zdlore

    zdlore Newcomer

    Yeah. A key factor in my recover has been accepting the pain ,and not placating it, meaning no more stretches, lying on the floor, getting massages, and no more physical therapy. Also, I've been slowly trying to re-engage my body physically by running, lifting, and playing guitar again. It's still a work in progress, but you are right in that overcoming fear is a critical step.
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  4. TheKingAdRock

    TheKingAdRock New Member

    YES! stopping all forms of physical treatments is a must yet i still see a some people posting on here how they are still going to physical therapy or chiropractors etc....big mistake.

    it seems you are on the right track. keep progressing and building confidence doing physical activities, especially ones you cut out b/c of the pain. i'm not sure how far a long you are into running and lifting but my advice would be start small and keep progressing. this will help build your confidence back. on that same note once you have worked at it for some time and built that confidence don't be afraid to push yourself at times.
  5. tmrsi

    tmrsi New Member

    Hi Zack, any updates on your story? I also have been diagnosed TOS

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