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Heat Flashes and Emotions

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Lily Rose, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    Long ago, in a far away land in the rainy regions of the Pacific Northwest, at age 14, a girl endured the sudden change in her body, and felt nothing but illness and shame. To the already existing pain, a new type of pain made an entrance, and it gained momentum, until in her early 20's, the cramping induced near-blackouts. Drugs, both legal and otherwise never dimmed the agony.

    I often view the girl as another entity. Me, but not me. I could not survive otherwise.

    As an adult .......

    The first time I had an over-nighter with my future-husband and my cycle began, he was sick with worry to find me in the bathroom tightly wedged in a corner, breathing in gasps into a towel to muffle my sounds. Not only did this man-who-must-truly-be-a-saint have to spend many years enduring my nightmares, but also seeing me crippled every 3 or 4 weeks by the menses.

    The situation worsened. Bleeding would last 5, 6, 7 ... then 10, then two weeks. Doctors just offered the birth control pill, which had other unpleasant effects. And then the bleeding just didn't stop for over a month. My girlfriend exploded and called a new doctor, and used her relentless will to get me in. A different drug was used as they tried to stop my period completely. It worked. For a couple weeks. In spite of 6 months of treatment, it couldn't be stopped. Finally, with great reluctance, the pro-baby doctor accepted that I simply would never have children, and it was time for surgery.

    I was 31.

    After removing me from recovery, I stopped breathing. I remember hearing them yelling in the distance ... breathe, breathe, you gotta breathe ...

    The day after the surgery, when I more fully woke up, the relief was tremendous. Indeed, the surgery pain was high, but completely minor by comparison. Even when they had to move me to another ward, the moving part barely bothered me (it did send my mom into a rage as they wheeled me through maternity to get to our destination ... she snarled at them for their insensitivity).

    I left the hospital earlier than most, as my pain level was so much less. Years passed, and in my 39th year, I began to feel the night sweats. That was also when I began Yoga. The various symptoms of peri-menopause came and went in a mild manner. The addition of organic apple cider vinegar and coconut oil on a daily basis kept the growing symptoms from any extreme expression.

    Until ... recently.

    Since learning of TMS/MBS/PPD ... all of my holistic and systematic approaches have begun to fail me.

    I add this: since learning of TMS/MBS/PPD ... my anxiety has diminished.

    So I have applied this knowledge to the heat surges, and simply pay attention to them. During the day, I rather like them. Since I always feel cold, the heat allows me to shed the extra clothing. I strongly dislike material of any kind on my arms and shoulders, so I wear almost exclusively tank tops and camis. Then I add the light layers and keep the heat in my environment at a comfortable level (72+).

    Heat surges .... feel rather good. And knowing the emotions that trigger it ... this has opened my eyes even wider.

    That said, I have also noticed when they might occur: during moments of strong emotion, whether annoyance, frustration ... or pleasure. When that doorway into my true emotions open ... my body responds.

    How much more evidence do I need of the sheer power of my emotions?

    Awareness .... this is everything.

    This body that my soul inhabits .... I love it for boldly and strongly carrying me through this life.

    As I love all of you for the foundation you have created in the forum ....

    with grace and gratitude,
  2. chickenbone

    chickenbone Well known member

    I have had hot flashes a lot, especially from menopause on and when I am feeling fearful. I didn't used to mind them that much. But now living in a hot climate, they really bother me. The heat and humidity is the main thing I dislike about living in Panama.
  3. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    I suspect I would not be so sanguine about the heat flashes if I lived in a hot climate. I think I would most assuredly be practicing a yoga-breath that is designed for 'cooling'. It is used to help people with MS.

    If you do a google search for yoga cooling breath, you will find many hits. Here is one video ...

    I was in Cancun once, a long time ago, and my body loved the humidity, though I was not appreciative of the sweating. My skin just drank it in, though. What is Panama like, other than hot and humid?

    with grace and gratitude,
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  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I had hot flashes from the time that I was 15 years old. All over my body really. It all started
    when I was given a nocebo death sentence from my Dr. I quickly went about two months
    later to get another opinion. after my other Dr. Gave me some antibiotics and told me id
    be fine it was just strep throat I thought the heat and hot flashes would leave ya know.
    I had them for the next 25 years. It was hot flashes sometimes and just burning sensations on the skin at other times.
    When id work on a hot roof in the summer sun here in GA it would almost boil me, but id go
    down and wet my face to cool off. I got rid of those flashes when I learned of tms self therapy
    I can say by the grace of God That I haven't had to deal with them any , less I drink to much coffee.:)
    I love the video Lily Rose. You had some rough times but you came out a fighter and winning.
    Your just Awesome
    Bless You
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2013
  5. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    I hear you, Lily Rose. I don't mind the hot flashes too much…I can always step outside and cool off. :) I've just keep telling my this is only a time of transition and it too shall pass. And oh….painful cycles. Oh, do I hear you. Before "advil" came on the market back in the mid 80's, I dealt with horrible debilitating pain along with puking and GI issues.
    I welcome menopause. :)
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  6. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I had a teenage "adventure" of feelings, too. Not hot flashes, but something going on.
    It laid me up for a week, but the Good Lord let me get some rest and I survived.

    It's great if we can talk these things out with someone. I didn't. I had no one. I didn't even know what was happening to me.

    Somehow, I went with the flow and got back to normal. Whatever normal is.

    I like the yoga cooling breath video clip. Thanks for sharing it.

    It's a gloomy Sunday today. Good thing friends are coming over, and bringing roast beef and wine.
    It's going to get cold this afternoon and is cloudy. Then below zero overnight. (Chicago winter.)

    Friends will make it more cheerful.
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  7. chickenbone

    chickenbone Well known member

    Lily Rose - thanks so much for the info on breathing. I had heard something about this before, but did not know what to look for.
  8. chickenbone

    chickenbone Well known member

    Lily Rose, Panama is pretty nice actually. We are quite happy here otherwise. The Spanish language can be an issue at times - my husband speaks it fluently and I speak it a little. There are areas of Panama with cooler temperatures, but the humidity is ever present.

    Walt, Eric and North Star - it is really doing me a lot of good to be able to discuss things like hot flashes. Eric, you must have been so frightened that your mind just hung on to them for all those years. I am so happy to hear that you were able to get over it with the penicillin of knowledge.
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  9. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Deep breathing and laughing are two of my best ways to relax and not think about any pain.

    Deep breathing is easy and so important. It creates a feeling of profound relaxation.
    Breathe in through the nose to the count of 7, filling the stomach with air like a balloon.
    Hold the breath for about the count of 4, then release it slowy though the mouth to
    the count of 6, saying "Peace." Keep doing it a few times and you will feel calm.

    When I feel angry or frustrated or would like to kill someone or jump out the window,
    I laugh. There's nothing funny going on to laugh about, but my mindbody doesn't know
    I'm faking the laughing.

    Steve Ozanich says in The Great Pain Deception that laughing automatically releases the
    natural stress hormone and immune system suppressor, cortisol, that relieves pain and anger
    or stress. It really works, boosting the immune system's power. Laughing also releases
    endorphins and natural painkillers into the spinal canal.

    After a minute or two of laughing, or even less, I no longer
    remember what made me angry or stressed.
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  10. Sarene

    Sarene Newcomer

    Loved the video! I am saving this for reference. PS. If you watch the middle part of the video really fast, it will give you a good chuckle.


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