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Heart issues real

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by newarrior, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    I've got aortic stenosis ( a bad aortic valve), high lipoprotein A, low HDL, left ventricle hypertrophy, a high CT score (600), hypertension and family history of sudden heart attacks (my youngest brother died at age 46)...I am 57 and I fear I don't have long to live...Sometimes symptoms are NOT TMS and some of are going to die early..I am also single and alone with heart and heart valve disease which is terrifying. I meditate, low fat vegan diet, statins etc etc but it is what it is. Death..it's on the menu for us all; some sooner than others. Still I read my Sarno book and try to reduce unecessary emotional stress that will speed my demise and added suffering. Regardless we all have to come to grips with our mortality and live to the fullest...At age 43 I moved to Hollywood to become an actor, age 54 I moved to Asia alone with no safety net etc etc)
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2020
  2. Timbercat

    Timbercat Well known member

    New Warrior,
    Good Morning,
    I feel your fears. I am 71 and was just told I had an optic nerve stroke. I posted yesterday but so far no replies. I too am single and alone. For us to worry about when the time will come is so useless. We both know that intellectually. My days get somewhat easier when I stop trying to push and pull and control the things I can't. Right now I'm getting ready to go for a temporal artery biopsy. I'm filled with anger that I have one more problem to deal with. I hope u have someone u can talk to. Some support whatever that means for u. Until u can direct less of your energy to that death topic. Do you feel taken care of or does it just feel that you must do all of that yourself? My thoughts are with you.
  3. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    You are very correct worry does not help and we still may yet find a partner ! Stay healthy Dave an American in Thailand !)
  4. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    I feel alone but I have friends, an American shrink in Thailand, doctors here etc

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