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Day 8 Healing from TMS....

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by suchi, May 30, 2022.

  1. suchi

    suchi New Member

    I am on day 8 and happy to announce that I am almost pain free!
    It was by chance my doctor niece recommended Dr. Sarno's book telling me that her husband also a doctor healed himself of chronic back pain after reading the book.
    I immediately ordered the book on amazon which took 2 weeks to arrive.
    But my curiosity was aroused and I started reading and watching Dr. Sarno's videos on YouTube and several testimonies. It absolutely resonated with my problem and the more I read the more I could actually feel my backpain recede! It was like a miracle!
    But 2 days later the pain came back and I decided I will just bear the pain but continued reading about TMS as much as I could. the pain also shifted from my back to my heels. Is this TMS?
    It's been 2 weeks and I am very happy to announce that my back has ceased to hurt! Hopefully this will continue, but my heel pain is still there but I am confident it will go away soon.
    The book just arrived and I have started reading it.
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  2. Matt4123

    Matt4123 Newcomer

    Glad to hear that your chronic pain has now moved! That's an excellent sign according to Sarno. Out of curiosity, which book did you read? Healing Back Pain or the mind body prescription?
  3. suchi

    suchi New Member

    Healing Back Pain
  4. lucky one

    lucky one New Member

    I'm so happy for you! I am on day 8 and I'm in more pain than before. The journaling is very intense and I am just letting all the emotions flare, and not thinking about the pain. Hopefully soon I will be able to get some relief. Please continue posting as I get very hopeful when people post their success.
  5. suchi

    suchi New Member

    To be very honest I am not too much into journaling. I feel if we can identify the emotions and feelings that are causing us stress, that's half the battle won. A person with a very strong belief that his or her pain is indeed TMS, that belief itself heals as it did for me. Since I have a strong belief in TMS I no longer avoid doing what I was previously avoiding, thinking it might hurt my back further. For example, I was avoiding bending down, squatting, sitting down cross-legged on the floor etc. I have slowly started doing these things, and it hasn't caused me any discomfort as was warned by my ortho.

    Of course many people swear by journaling, but for me what I am doing now seems to work.
    I make it a point to listen to and read testimonials and success stories on a regular basis in these forums. That is enough inspiration and motivation for me!
  6. suchi

    suchi New Member

    Hi I have a doubt...
    Since reading about TMS I have recovered from my back pain 90 percent.
    The pain then moved to my heels which has now gone off too.
    Past week I have been experiencing heartburn on a daily basis.
    Is this TMS too? I have not had any stomach issues in the past.
    As per Dr. Sarno's book the pain and the symptoms manifest in different places in the body. Could this heartburn be due to TMS?
    How do I post to a TMS therapist in this site and get guidance?
  7. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes. Keep reading. Dr Sarno himself said that when he suffered from heartburn it was always because he was angry about something that he hadn't thought of yet.
    Pretty much anything in the autonomic that comes out of the blue IS TMS. This is a journey and it will probably blow your mind how much stuff is NOT physical... the majority of crap that bugs me is almost always sewn into the TMS fabric, but the good news is the same mechanism works on all of it.
    Keep going, your doing great...
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