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Day 15 Has your pain been moving around?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by wrestlingfanforever, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. wrestlingfanforever

    wrestlingfanforever New Member

    Hey all,

    Question to Ponder: During the past two weeks has your pain been moving around? How has this affected your belief in the diagnosis?

    Over the last few weeks, my migrains/ head aches have moved to different parts of my head. It has moved from the top of my head, to the sides, to the back of my head to behind my eyes. Then when it's gone, i have a slight dizzyness & a feeling of "something not quite right".

    What i found interesting was that on Day 14 when i read that its my "day off" from tms, my headache went. The 'day off' was the best day ive had in months. infact Day 7 with the 'day off' was also a lot easier. I think have permission to have a break put me at ease- in my life and my job i am very ambitious and it was enstilled in me to 'put in the work'. Any day off would result in us being called 'lazy' and that always infuriated me because i know i am anything BUT lazy. It's strange because, this TMS is the thing thats stopping me from going back- because i know that THAT is the only way i would give myself the time off.

    Even before this program, my pain rain from my head to my neck and upper back- i saw a chiropractor and told me it was my back. This got worse for months until i read sarno's book. My upper back, shoulder and neck pain disappeared. Now its just the head. IT'S SARNOS 'SYMPTOM IMPERATIVE' RIGHT?!

    This is so intriguing and i can feel it getter better. I feel good knowing about this and being educated on what is going on. This last day has given me so much faith and i KNOW i am going to overcome this. I am resilient. I don't need this pain to have permission to take a day off.

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