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Has my concussion become TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Sarah Jacoba, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Sarah Jacoba

    Sarah Jacoba Peer Supporter

    Help! These are the hardest waters I've ever had to navigate after 20+ years of various TMS manifestations.

    I hit my head on a concrete block February 3rd. 2 staples in scalp. Next day went back to work because I felt OK. Felt slightly dizzy in PM. Days 3 and 4 after the injury had neck and head pain. Got through a 40 hour work week with Advil, thought I was doing OK. Back in ER day 9 because felt extremely dizzy. CAT scan that night was clear.

    I was diagnosed at that point with a concussion. I didnt go to work for 11 days, took it easy, followed the rules. in March, I cut my work life from 55 hours a week down to 35 to 40. Had good and bad days but they werent all bad. felt like I was making some progress, though I probably should have been resting more.

    Went back to driving regularly (only a 7 mile commute) 2 weeks ago. actually had 2 easier work weeks, BUT now I'm feeling vast mental fatigue and head symptoms, especially on work days. I thought I'd see forward progress, if gradual, since I'm still sleeping way more than usual, exercising mildly way more often, not watching TV, not playing drums hardly at all, trying to be healthy outside of work. but the last two weeks I've become more symptomatic. I understand work is harder, but I'm often symptomatic from the first hour of the day, not toward the end.

    Arguments that I am experiencing symptoms based on the concussion
    1) I had very vivid dreams. uncannily so
    2) my sleeping patterns are totally different than prior to Feb 3. going to bed early, but waking up for hours in the middle of the night after vivid dreams
    3) sensitive to bright sunlight
    4) alot of my symptoms are similar to the first week of symptoms. (though not identical, and I can lay that out in more detail to anyone who wants to help me puzzle this out).

    Arguments that this is TMS, or TMS may be creating the work related symptoms:
    1) I had a terrible day Friday, spent all weekend being more reasonable, stayed home from work, exercised, ate well, had a decent day Sunday after feeling like crap Saturday. but today the very first 10 minutes at work, my Friday end of day symptoms returned at that level
    2) occam's razor: everything in my life has become TMS
    3) the dynamic of doing less but feeling worse quicker or more constantly is reminding me of TMS symptoms

    with my TMS I've never had "fibro fog" or mental fatigue, or a number of the other head symptoms I have now, so it's hard to have a standard of comparison. maybe if some of you can tell me what you've experience WITH TMS, it could help me compare.

    This is very scary, because treating this as TMS would mean treating the info my head is giving me the exact opposite way you treat post concussive syndrome. I understand that total rest is now not advised for PCS -- they tell you to try activity -- BUT to stop when it gets painful. based on today's syptomatology I would have had to abort work right away to follow that advice, and that just isnt practical sometimes. you cant say you're coming to work, youre OK, then immediately turn around and go home.

    I also worry that something mega new is wrong due to the injury.... and unfortunately knowing about PCS has put that notion into my head, because sometimes there are issues later on with spinal fluid and legit injury repercussions.


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