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Has anyone had debilitating Hip Pain?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by avik, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. avik

    avik Well known member

    Hello all-

    I'm borderline upset with myself for even writing this post as I am about 99.9% sure that what I am experiencing is TMS but it that 0.1% that always nags at me...

    I woke up last week with tremendous pain at the top of my hip, on the outside...as it moves into the piriformis muscle (right butt cheek). It appears to be getting worse by the day; it has become very difficult to sleep, walk, stand, sit, etc.

    I have dealt with extreme TMS equivalents over the past 30 years and this might be the most painful one.

    I have just sat down at my computer and plan on journaling until I figure out the root cause of this but, was hoping some of you could share your experience with hip pain.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Gertie

    Gertie New Member

    Hi Avik,
    I am wondering how you are doing? I, too, am embarrassed to be back on the site. I couldn't get signed back in so lost all my history.

    I have terrible hip pain then my knee tightens up. I have created my Evidence Sheet. Pain comes and goes but mostly stays now. Terrible cramping in my glut, no memory of an injury except playing pickleball bending over to get a shot and felt a pull. I still don't think it is an injury.

    100 percent prone to TMS moving all over the place. Keeps me from doing something physical as Sarno says.

    Symptoms have been everywhere looking for an opening. I had scoliosis surgery when I was 16.

    My mother passed away the end of November and my husband and i leave Wednesday for 3 weeks in Germany.

    The pull when playing pickleball and the scoliosis have caused me to bounce from 100 precent sure to fear, dread and doubt then back again.


  3. MedicineWithin

    MedicineWithin Peer Supporter

    Yeah I have. Let me know if you haven't found the cause if your tms and I would be happy to chat.
  4. JulieMTherapy

    JulieMTherapy Peer Supporter

    I did! My hip was so weak that I could barely move it. I consulted with 3 hip surgeons, found pathology on my MRIs, and did a bunch of PT. Hip pain is the same as back pain, shoulder pain, etc. It's ok that you have the pain! It's just information about how you feel. I know it's annoying to know it's TMS but also to question. TMS likes to trick us into believing there's something structurally wrong--then we don't have to think about painful stuff like anger!
  5. Lainey

    Lainey Well known member

    Sigh, My remaining, debilitating pain, is also hip pain (right hip pain at the top of my hip, on the outside...as it moves into the piriformis muscle (right butt cheek). It appears to be getting worse by the day; it has become very difficult to sleep, walk, stand, sit, etc ) just like Avik and evidently others here as well. I also have a "diagnosis" with hip/back issues found on tests. However I now avoid doctors at this point in my life. Just more diagnosis I don't want or need.

    Over the last several years I have successfully ignored, and somehow released the other pains in my bod that were very debilitating as well, including severe sciatica (left side), shoulder pain, upper back pain, numbness in foot/big toe, lumbar pain, and other misc. aches and pains. Some had been with me for many years. I read, I wrote, yet, here I am, still hobbling, using a walking stick again, and having the same pain our dear friend Avik so aptly described.

    However, mysteriously, sometimes it is gone, if just for a fleeting moment. I know that this pain is my brains remaining way to keep me safe, keep me from doing whatever awful things my inner-space is conjuring up. Unfortunately, my brain has learned so well that focusing on this pain will keep me safe (by not focusing on the outer issues), keeping me from possible meltdown or mayhem, or whatever, so that my(real)SELF is now being fooled. I have matured. My old emotional trauma and hurts are just that, old hurts. I can move on, forgive, let go, (choose a phrase). I consciously know that I am able to release pain and NOT need to hold onto all of the horrible things that 'others' have done to 'harm/hurt' me in the past.. I am safe. I know my boundaries and I know that I am okay.

    So, somehow, knowing this helps. I got worse for awhile, just like Avik reports. But now, am noticing some slight improvements, e.g. no more tendon cracking noise, larger range of motion, more localized pain center, that I can see that I am winning the race. It is a process for me, but I am optimistic.

    To all of you good luck in your own quest for healing and wholeness.

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