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gym and fitness as a stressor?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by stevow7, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. stevow7

    stevow7 Well known member

    hello guys. it seems like im addicted to going to the gym. i used to go 5-6 now im down to 3 because i dont have energy to go more. heres the thing, im super strict with my gym days and the days before. like i need to be less stress, need to eat better, need to go to sleep earlier, need to be “perfectionist” about everything because if i dont, then gym days will be horribles and i wont do a good workout. i have been feeling with low energy levels, low testosterone no libido brain fog and even feeling like trash i still go. im trying to just break the training for a while to see if maybe i recover, which i did for 16 days but i felt the same. anyone experienced this?
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  2. stayfit65

    stayfit65 Peer Supporter

    I love the gym, too. I have some days where I have extreme anxiety and burning pain before I go, but then I go and afterwards I always feel amazing! So I know it’s TMS. The more I just “go with” these feelings the less they control me. Work out however you want to and ENJOY it.
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  3. stevow7

    stevow7 Well known member

    hey. thanks a lot for replying!
  4. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    I recently posted about how much going to the gym has helped me. And I'm similar in that on days I workout I have to try and eat healthy and get enough sleep that night etc.

    But I see it as a good thing (its important to eat healthy it's okay to treat yourself with some junk food once in a while

    As for sleep the average adult only needs anywhere from 7-9 hours. And considering I've only been getting about 5 or 6 hours on worknights it's not wonder I'm tired in the day. Since I've started aiming for 7 or 8 hours I generally feel alot better but no ones perfect I still slip up and get 5 hours and that's okay we are human we make mistakes.
  5. stevow7

    stevow7 Well known member

    hello. congrats on feeling better. thanks for replying!
  6. GTfan

    GTfan Peer Supporter

    I know the feeling. I beat myself up if I skip a day. The easy answer is don't be a perfectionist. The hard part is actually doing that ha
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  7. Sanosuke

    Sanosuke New Member

    I have the exact same symptoms as you i used to train 5+ days a week i felt awesome i wanted to become a bodybuilder then slowly but surely my mental health declined i started to get wierd long lasting pains in muslces.

    It started with both my front delts and lasted for almost a year like they were constantly inflammed then the pain in my shoulders stopped and i started getting pain and weakness in my quads and i'm currently batteling with that. I can go a month without teaining legs and when i do they feel just as if i trained them the day before, no amount of rest seems to help. I think its tms lowering the oxygen to them. I also have problems with my right knee i used to squat 200kg now i can barely do 120, it started with swelling and now my knee locks out when i bend my leg still not sure if its tms.
  8. Aggy45

    Aggy45 Newcomer

    I love the gym too. Sometimes I train and I can't do every workout perfectly. I am a perfectionist, so, I try to the last and if I fail, I get very worried. I now understood what is the reason for such tension in the body after the gym. As a result, I got double pain from TMS and from exercise. A terrible feeling, and most importantly, it hurts me even more. Intuitively, I learned not to attach importance to my failures. I was helped by a girl who worked there as a coach and with whom we became friends. Any activity needs to be enjoyed, so I join this "Train as you want and ENJOY it."
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  9. Aggy45

    Aggy45 Newcomer

    I wanted to add that I also found a way to get less stress in training -a good, positive music. Allows you to relax and distract yourself, try it!
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