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GSD interview with Steve Ozanich

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mike2014, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello All,

    For those of youu who haven't seen the Steve Ozanich, GSD interview, please find the YouTube link below:

  2. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Hey I remember this one, he was a good host because he listened and didn't try to guide it. Very rare. I laughed right before the interview when I asked him what GSD meant?
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  3. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great interview! I appreciate your aliveness and genuineness, Steve.

    I like about the 30.00 minute mark talking about "what wants to happen in my life?"
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  4. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    What wants to happen in my life? I hope it was good stuff, I've never listened to any interviews that I've done. Over the holidaze I was averaging 2 per day. But I remember this one well, by this picture it looks like he fell asleep during the talk, but he was one of the better ones. He has a very large audience too, he GSD. Every interview I've done, that I can recall, the host had severe back pain. So they tend to be more attentive to the subject.
  5. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great interview, Steve. Did I hear correctly, are you writing another book? And if so, what is the theme?

    Are you any closer to the completion of TGPD audio book?

    Haha what does it mean GSD?

    BTW, Bill Murray - Harold Ramis were a great comic duo. I'm glad Bill Murray finally reconciled with Harold, before his passing.
  6. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Mike you are a posting machine, I love it. Someone has to keep the ball rolling if people are to get the bigger picture. I also like your avatar, it makes me feel at peace, and sunny. I meditate like that every day... in between binge drinking and wilding.

    I have never listened to my interviews, or read any reviews of my books (unless someone asks me to). I figure why? I can't change anything. So onto the future. I hope the interviews help people to understand more. I was doing two per day for awhile but got tired of saying the same things. I usually receive email from people after them and they're blown away that they have been led so far astray.

    I work every day on my audio book of GPD. It is a tedious gesture, like moving a pile of sand into a wheelbarrow with tweezers.

    Mike I'm not sure what new book you may be referring to. I was doing that round of shows to promote the third one. Do you mean after the third book? I published 2 kids' books after the back pain book. But I did those 2 for fun. I'm tired of seeing the unhealthy end to child-parent relationships, that I wanted to get to the kids before hand.

    Right before we went on I asked the host what GSD meant? He said, "get shit done!" We laughed for several minutes, and voila.

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