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Groin Pain Again, But Different This Time

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by GTfan, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. GTfan

    GTfan Well known member

    Hi all,

    It's me again. The local groin pain lightning rod.

    If you haven't read previous posts from me, I'll give a brief recap. In short, I first discovered TMS after experiencing terrible groin pain for 7 months and the doctor telling me it was chronic epididymitis. After numerous antibiotic attempts, he said my only other option to alleviate the pain was surgery. Thank God at that point I stumbled upon Sarno and Steve O's work and was able to identify it as TMS.

    Since then I've had some groin pain off and on, but usually I'm not phased by it because I know it's TMS. Recently when in Switzerland, I freaked myself out thinking I had testicular torsion but it was all in my head.

    I also got a pretty good Staph abscess in my groin area that I still have a scar from. Then shortly after I kept getting zits and ingrown hairs in the area until I just quit worrying about them and they stopped.

    So fast forward to the present. On Sunday morning I had sexual intercourse with a girl that I just met. I was still a little drunk and stupidly didn't use a condom, but I didn't really think about it. But anyways, literally a couple of hours later, my groin (in the area of my lymph nodes on both sides) starts to feel sore and tinder to touch.

    Now, the sex was kind of rough so I just shrugged it off thinking I was a little sore. But now it's been three days, and it's still lingering. Mainly on the left side of my groin. I've also noticed now that I'm starting to break out with some pimples in my groin area (mainly on the left side). The pain isn't that bad, and I barely notice it unless I move a certain way or actually touch it in the right spot, but it's definitely there.

    So, if this doesn't subside by tomorrow, I'm thinking about going to Urgent Care and getting it checked out. The lymph node pain has me worried that I've caught some kind of STD. But I don't understand why it started hurting only a few hours after sex. Maybe a hernia too? Idk, or maybe it's just TMS screwing with my head agaon, but this kind of pain is different than what I've experienced before.
  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi GTfan,

    Just get it checked out to ease your mind...
    Before I got groin pain back in the days, I actually had a boil/staph infection there too, now a scar as is normal. For a while I actually thought it was an enlarged lymph node, only when the doc emptied it (the only time I swore against a doctor), I learned that it was a boil. It turned out to be from cutting myself in a foolish and once in a life time attempt to shave myself there :) . I so recognize the zits, the weird thing was that there was always at least one, if it went away a new one on a different location came up. And I also recognize the groin pain on both sides, sometimes the right hurt more than the left, sometimes it reversed. But it initially started out on the side where the boil had been.
    My conclusion, now that I rarely have pain or a zit, is that is and was TMS.
    My theory is that when you seriously use muscles prior to or in a state of rising anger and fear, they tend to get more sore than normal and stay sore for a long time. The zits thing in my mind either serves as a distraction or it comes from the fact that it is an overreacting immune system. The boil proceeding the groin pain is simply because your brain remembered the pain in that location, the neural paths were already laid.
    I have a slight suspicion that your worries/fear and maybe the anger/critique towards yourself for not wearing a condom might be doing this to you. But again, just get it checked out to rule out things and ease your mind.
  3. GTfan

    GTfan Well known member

    Thanks for the insight! I was pretty worried on Day 2 of the groin pain, because my first thought was linking it to the unprotected sex.

    So my theory is that the bumps started because my mind already decided it was an STD so it started the "Overreactive Immune Response" or whatever you want to call it.

    But regardless, I'm going to get it checked out this afternoon anyways. I want to make sure they do an STD test to ease my mind.
  4. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    cheers, good luck!
  5. GTfan

    GTfan Well known member

    So just got done at the Urgent Care. They tested my urine for UTI which came up negative.

    The nurse practioner looked at my lymph nodes and bumps and noticed that the left side was definitely swollen.

    She doesn't think it's an STD because I don't have any other symptoms. She thinks it's folliculitis and prescribed me bactrium to take.

    However they took blood too, so they are sending my urine and blood off all to get tested for all the STDs, so I should hear back on that soon.

    So in the mean time I'm just going to take the bactrum and hope for the best. We will see what happens
  6. c90danwaiel

    c90danwaiel Peer Supporter

    This may very likely not be the case, but my TMS started after a false positive on an STD test, so I feel very strongly about a certain STD test. If they ran an IgM herpes test and it came up positive, those have a very high false positive rate and are no longer recommended as valid by the CDC. There was recently a great article in Scientific American about the many pitfalls of this test. So if you do get one of those (I hope they didn't run one), and it happens to come back positive, don't let it feed your TMS worries.
  7. CaptainHope

    CaptainHope New Member

    Read the thread that I opened. It might help you.
  8. kero

    kero Newcomer

    Read this one article it will help you to solve groin pain problem.

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