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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by heleng, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Hi all

    I just wanted to wish everyone a lovely Christmas and a TMS free New Year.

    After 2 weeks of no pain I am back to having a day with lots of pain and yet I am getting on with my life and I dont feel sad. I feel hopeful. I have had such wonderful advice from lots of folk on this forum since I joined and I am hugely grateful. I know that without all of your help today would be upsetting and scary but instead I am having a good talk to my subconscious and letting it know I am not going to be bullied.

    So I am going to be kind to myself and not buy into familiar patterns of anxiety.

    Thanks everyone

  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great job, Helen! Happy holidays.
  3. sewmuch

    sewmuch Member


    Kindness and letting go of worry and anxiety is key, not getting into those old patterns. Good for you to give a gift to yourself for the new year. Best to you!
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