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Going to see doctor question

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by 2BT4U, May 4, 2015.

  1. 2BT4U

    2BT4U New Member

    has anyone cured themselves and not seen a doctor?

    Thank you
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Wendy. I felt severe back and shoulder pain two years ago.
    I had just lifted something heavy. I try to avoid doctors so I waited for nature to heal me.
    After two weeks and I still had the pain, I asked a nurse friend what to do about back pain
    and she said read Dr. Sarno's Healing Back Pain. I did and it wasn't overnight, but believing
    100 percent in TMS causing my pain made it go away.

    So yes, I believe most of us can heal without seeing a doctor.
    Most of them just believe in giving pills or having surgery.
    They don't make a dime by recommending TMS.

    Most doctors I have dealt with are the used car salesmen/repairmen of medicine. haha

    If you haven't yet, I urge you to start the Structured Education Program, free on the subforum
    of this wiki. It leads to TMS healing.
  3. 2BT4U

    2BT4U New Member

    Thank you Walt for your reply!

    Yes, I hear you about Doctors! I've gone to mine for approximately maybe 7 years and I've yet to have an exam of any type! I ask him for my blood reports because I've discovered he's not treating my iron, b12, and also magnesium defichancies! I'm now seeing a naturalpath who is getting me hopefully one track with that.

    Anything that comes up he sends me to another doctor or for a test.

    I've had back problems for about 15 years I bent over one day and cried out in pain.....ever since it pops up now and then.....only this time it started with every muscle in my legs twitching like crazy (magnesium helped end that) then my glutes stated to spasm and clamp down on my paraformis.... I have very little back pain when this started about 8 weeks ago......Im seeing a excellent chiropractor who is doing active release on me and discovered I have a budging disk......she's been treating me with both and I get about a week out of each treatment before I need to go back for another..

    The last few days however, I've had low back pain and went to see the chiropractor she said my disk is out again!! So now I'm dealing with the tingles and everything else in my legs!

    I'm just a little nervous trying to go without a treatment during the TMS transition......I'm thinking of doing research reading Johns books and learning on here....hopfully when I feel confident enough I will start the TMS transition?

    I also have been going a little crazy the last 5 years ..... My father was diagnosed with stage 4 esophagus cancer in 2008 during that time my brother and his family basically walked away from my mother and father as well as my husband and I...... So during dads last 3 years of his life my brother and his family were know where to help, even though they lived around the corner....... My husband and I live an hour away and decided we would put our house up for sale to help Mom and Dad....Dad passed away in December 17 2 months before we were to move......and we buried him the day before my birthday....... We ended up moving to be closer to Mom and basically looked after her.......then She decided she didn't want to live in the house and wanted to sell it and move into a retirement home...... She moved December 1 last year.......So now she's settled in I'v got all this stuff going on with me!

    BTW my brother and his family have never attempted to make any contact with mom or us....they never even showed up to Dads funeral!!

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