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Alex B. Getting over the hump

Discussion in 'Ask a TMS Therapist' started by Guest, Apr 11, 2016.

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    I have pelvic/bladder issues that I believe are TMS. I have had some success with TMS techniques, but can't make it stick. There are moments where my sensations disappear and then I get scared that it will come back and...guess what? It does come back and then I can't get it to go away again. What should I do when I get those moments of no sensations to keep my brain from going doing this: "Oh, it's gone! Gosh, I can't think about or it will come back. This feels so good, like my old self is back... think about something else, Oh no, don't think about it.." It comes right back because I panic while trying to not think about it or while trying to accept it if it comes back, etc. Something just feels stuck. It's fear. I don't know how to stop fearing it. My sensations might be somewhat different as I feel like I have to pee a lot and get exaggerated movement sensations in lower abdomen. What is different here is that there are times when I really do have to pee and sometimes I don't know whether it's the TMS or really having to go. Any advice on these issues?

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