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Georgie Oldfield's Newsletter : "Can complaining really impact your health?"

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Tennis Tom, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Here's a copy of Georgie Oldfield's SIRPA NEWSLETTER :

    "Out of interest, how often have you noticed yourself complaining recently? Perhaps about the weather, the state of your house, the pressures of work or even about a colleague, friend or relatives? We all do it and often we don't even realise we're doing it. Many people consider complaining to be just something people do, but studies have found that complaining is a habit and can actually have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

    I came across a wonderful article by Dr Travis Bradberry recently called 'Why Complaining Rewires Your Brain to be Negative.' Scientists have proved that complaining has an impact on the hippocampus (a part of your brain critical to problem solving and intelligent thought) and also releases Cortisol, which is a hormone involved with your 'fight or flight'/stress response and impacts your blood pressure, blood sugar and even your immune system. So basically, complaining absolutely can negatively impact your health.

    I hope from your understanding of SIRPA's work you're beginning to realise that a thought can have a big impact on your life and on your health and, of course, complaining starts with a single thought! However, even more than that, your brain likes to be efficient and as scientists say, "Neurons that fire together, wire together" meaning that anything you repeat creates a shortcut in your brain and becomes a habit.

    If you have fallen into the habit of complaining and need a little reminder to boost your mood, watch this great little video on Facebook by Rudy Francisco titled 'Complainers'.

    As many of you know I like to walk the talk so I've booked in my diary a Non Complaining day on Thursday 30th November. I'm going to commit to making an effort to not complain all day and if you would like to join me, feel free. Friends who have done this in the past told me just how difficult it was, but I'm interested in giving it a go, so why not join me and let's see if we can go a whole day without complaining? We will be posting on Facebook throughout the day to let you know how we are getting on, so why not join us in the conversation?"

    Best wishes, from Georgie

    Georgie Oldfield MCSP
    Physiotherapist & Founder of SIRPA


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    SIRPA News Update
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    Alexia Webb - Thank you

    The audios from the 2017 SIRPA Conference are now available to purchase. Each speaker received amazing feedback and along with their talks you'll also hear all of our Q&A sessions too.

    "My friend and I, who are not medically trained, attended the SIRPA conference and both thought it was AMAZING and highly accessible to us both. From start to finish the speakers were so interesting and gave us fascinating insight into their research and work with their patients. Thank you." DW

    Purchase 2017 Conference Audios
    Last week I sent out an appeal to support Alexia Webb with her study into Pain Recovery and she wanted to say a massive thank you to all the people who responded, of which she received more than enough for her requirements.

    She's amazed at the enthusiasm and volume of responses and is really looking forward to helping to spread the word through her study.

    I'll keep everyone informed about her findings once her study is published.

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    SIRPA Ltd, 19 Longley Lane, Huddersfield, HD4 6PS, United Kingdom +44 1484 452500
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