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Genital warts

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by HopethereisHope, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. HopethereisHope

    HopethereisHope New Member

    Hey. I've had reccurring genital warts for years and I wonder if it may be due to Tms?

    A large part of sexual active people have the hpv virus responsible for gw's but most don't get symptoms as their immune systems are able to suppress the infection. Of those who get symptoms, 90% get rid of them within 2 years.

    In other words, since I've had genital warts for years it seems to indicate that my immune system is weak -- however, I don't have any other signs of a weak immune system. Like, I rarely get sick. Also, I'm living a pretty healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and exercise.

    I've always had a bad relationship to sex due to feelings of inadequacy. This has lead to chronic performance issues and a lot of fear around sex.

    I'm wondering if the gw's is my body's way of keeping me away from sex as it associates it with fear and thus danger?

    Corrobating this "theory", those times I've been able get rid of the gw's, other issues have popped up making me unable to have sex.

    1.5 year ago I thought I had got rid of the gw's and was gonna have sex for the first time in a long time. As usual I felt a lot of fear and had to take a viagra to be able to perform. Immediately as we started to have sex I got a lot of pain in my penis even though I didn't have any accident.

    Over time this pain developed to my pelvic floor and got worse and worse. After some time I came across the tms theory and started to apply the principles. My pain level gradually decreased throughout the months and a couple of weeks ago I finally felt I could have sex again.

    Again I felt a lot of fear and had to take a viagra. Like two minutes after we begun to have sex I noticed that I was bleeding -- I had got a big second degree friction burn/wound on my glans. This caused me a lot of fear and with it the original penis and pelvic pain came back with a vengance.

    For the first days the wound wouldn't heal and I got an infection, but luckily it has begun to grow fine the last days. So I got relieved and thought everything would be fine but of course, a couple of days ago I discovered that my gw's were back.

    So in sum, gw's and other issues keep manifesting and make me unable to have sex and I'm wondering if it may be tms that manifests this stuff to protect me from the perceived danger around sex. If so, how can I overcome it?

    I feel like the only way I can overcome my fear of sex is to find a girl I can feel safe with and start to experiement.. however, du to the gw's I'm unable to do it, and if I get rid of them it seems that other issues pop up that make me unable to have sex.

    Hoping to hear some ideas on how I can get out of this riddle.

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