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General questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by tmsthrowaway05, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. tmsthrowaway05

    tmsthrowaway05 Peer Supporter

    So I've read healing back pain, I'm doing the SEP...currently reading mind-body prescription.

    The general idea of TMS as far as I've researched is that the repressed emotions can lead to problems with the autonomic nervous system, thus causing blood flow restriction and finally oxygen deprivation. I know TMS is very complicated, but if this is the general idea, how can I stop this from happening? I am trying to fully accept TMS and acknowledge it. Anyone that can help would be great.. again I know it's complicated and takes time but I can't knock the pain. Also the whole pavlovian idea makes total sense, I'm typing this now and immediately as I sit and type my upper back is fuc*ing killing me. I'm trying to acknowledge its TMS but it doesn't help really.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Bro
    It takes about two weeks to 30 days to recondition your brain... that's why Sarno said not to count days or turn anything into a ritual. I remember being where you're at.... believing I had TMS but not getting the respite yet, and it SUCKED. That is when I personally went out and went 'fuck it' and started doing activities that absolutely countermanded what the pain and the "pain world" doctors and therapists had told me. I am sure that expedited my cure.
    They told me not to Jog... so I went out and ran as fast as my atrophied little legs could go!
    They told me not to lift certain ways... so I went back to lifting weights the way I did before I met the "pain business"..with zero carefulness. I deleted any part of working out that overlapped with their "strengthen your core because it's weak" theory (My core wasn't weak when I got pain, but that's another post)
    None of this gave me immediate respite BUT I didn't get worse either, so it reinforced to my unconscious that I wasn't 'damaged' and there was nothing 'wrong' with me.

    ..and I read and read the book over and over, and wrote out lists of things I was pissed about or even mildly irked me. Anytime I caught the pain getting my attention, which was most of the time at first, I would get busy writing, reading or in an activity.

    I was lucky cause I wasn't working. It was like my private TMS recovery facility.

    There were moments where I thought "This isn't working... I am kidding myself. This TMS shit can't be true"...so I'd re-read, review my anger lists and then laugh to myself "Then where is all of THIS crap landing?" Truth won out and with the desperation of a drowning man I got better in about a month... I was back at hard labor in 5 weeks. But I know it seemed longer during those times I felt like you do right now. Hang in there.

    Just a reminder; Sarno explained that our unconscious is slow and lumbering by design and evolution... it actually keeps us stable and balanced. But when we want a change to happen fast, I want to beat it with a stick.

    You will win
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  3. tmsthrowaway05

    tmsthrowaway05 Peer Supporter

    Thank you for taking the time man... I'm the guy who wrote about my mri noting tendonitis and frozen shoulder... I went to an orthopedic for an opinion and he said u never needed an MRI you're too young for that it's your back muscles and neck causing this arm and shoulder pain (which I totally agree and relate it to TMS for sure) but he was honestly really brief, dismissive, and a bit of a dick but again I totally agreed with him. I said then why'd my mri show these findings? He mentioned even the slightest bit of capsule thickening can mean frozen shoulder or whatever, so don't take it totally serious. So I apologize for being an ass to you in the previous post from a few weeks ago. As I'm reading mind body prescription I also noted that Sarno mentions tendonitis being TMS 100%. The book is slow at first, healing back pain was more catchy for me. I'm about 1.5 hours into audiobook of mindbody prescription, its getting more interesting now.

    Anyway, we sound exactly alike, and I'm sure all of us on this site are very alike. I had the same feelings
    I think the same thing man. As far as you saying it takes 30 days, ok I got you. But in that case I think I reallllly need to reiterate and keep reading and even speaking aloud to myself these things. You know how it is though... the pain gets SO bad you think it's structural then you remember damn it's just classic conditioning and my muscle must be spasming or something due to this. I'm not working now, but that's bad for me I think...I'm in my head wayyyy too much. I went out with friends drinking a few times the past few months, and the pain is literally gone when I'm out and talking with people...when im TRULY not thinking about it, it's fucking gone. Insane. That there shows its TMS. Thanks again for your replies. I'm going to do everything I can to reiterate TMS including reading, researching, speaking to myself, etc. I think that's the best thing to retrain my brain... What sucks is the classic conditioning part...The pain comes at the same times and severity each day generally...and I attribute it to bad posture throughout but it must be pavlovian theory.
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  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Little clues like this were what made me start questioning the Regular Medical Views on my problems. It also reinforced Sarno's contention that is is regional and not structural... I usually felt better after working out, whereas if their structural story were true that wouldn't be the case. I also payed attention to when the pain bugged the most, and reviewed my own personal experience... it inevitably was worse during periods of NOT being able to show emotion...work, competition, struggling against or for something... high pressure gigs.
    That was the toughest part to swallow. I come from a 'science is everything' Ivy league, know-it-all family. Even though I barely got out of high school, I still worshipped at the temple of reason and the idea that something could go on inside of me WITHOUT my permission was tough. It still is. I build stuff for a living and it is very linear and reasonable, whereas the conditioning BUGS because it's a direct assault on my ego "Shit is happening that I have no say over"

    But when I got quiet and reviewed my experience I saw I was wired like a rat in a skinner box. In a sick way that was a relief, because it meant I was a 'normal' TMS sufferer and that the 'normal' TMS therapy would work. And it did. I was never so happy to NOT be special. (LOL)

    I also stopped worrying about posture and how to sleep, lift, etc. I had quit sleeping facedown because the Drs had told me it was bad for me... so I went back to doing it and have for 21 years now. I don't pay attention to how I lift stuff and I have to carry a lot of concrete and Fivers of paint and joint compound at work. I turned 55 last week and I haven't had any problems...well at least not with my body (LOL)

    you sound like your right on time
  5. tmsthrowaway05

    tmsthrowaway05 Peer Supporter

    Really interesting stuff. Crazy that you do construction type work and have no issues. I also read online (horrible I know) that sleeping face down is so bad for your neck and stopped it. Now I sleep however I want (except on my right shoulder generally). I love stomach sleeping and it seems fine besides the occasional neck strain. We're very alike... I also have a horrible time acknowledging that I have no control over something going on (pain). It's really difficult. I see friends and family with no pain issues and it's shocking to me, but reiterates that it must be TMS because I have recovered quickly in the past from muscle strains, etc. I'm going on 18 months of constant upper back pain. Something ain't right...lol. Must be TMS. I think I must keep on reading and reiterating TMS to myself, even speaking aloud to myself. Thanks again man.

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