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Gas pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by seanpat, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. seanpat

    seanpat New Member

    So I am struggling with whether or not to go to the doctor. I have had panic attacks and anxiety with a hundred different symptoms over past 15 years. I have had MRI, multiple cardiac work ups, urology work ups, multiple gi tests including two endoscopes and a colonoscopy by the age of 45. I was able to shake the shoulder back pain, carpal,tunnel symptoms without too,much trouble after reading Sarnos book. Not before a couple MRIs and pt but as soon as I got the book amd read it they disappeared.

    Lately I have been having terrible reflux which I dealt with and is is now background noise but today I got terrible pains in my sides which I believe to be gas pains. They have been coming and going for a while but today hit critical mass accompanied by terrible anxiety amd fear of something really wrong. I am wondering if I should go ge to the doctor and rule out physical? Trying to be sensible but I am afraid if I don't rule out the physical I won't buy into the tms explanation. My previous scopes showed mild reflux a hiatal hernia and colonoscopy was normal. Last one was four years ago. Thoughts?
  2. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    If you need to go to the doctor, it is okay. Right now you are experiencing a lot of anxiety and fighting with yourself which is only going to make whatever is going on feel much worse. I went to see my doctor a few weeks ago and asked questions, got some tests because I was feeling bad and in a panic. I was able to calm down and move past those particular symptoms before the results even came back but I just added the experience to my evidence sheet and moved forward. I do not regret going. Don't beat yourself up for struggling with all this. As you continue to work on the TMS, the anxiety will reduce and these symptoms if caused by TMS will get easier to manage. Try to breathe if you can. It may seem as though the fear and hypervigilance is uncontrollable and necessary to saving you from something really bad happening, but it may just be exascerbating what is going on. It won't hurt in any way to check with the doctor if you are unsure though.
  3. seanpat

    seanpat New Member

    Thanks Anne

    I ended up calling my brother in law who is a GI in Italy. He told me sounded like reflux and to start a reflux medical regimen for a week or so (prilosec, Gaviscon after every meal etc) The pain is still here and right now I am convinced it is the reflux and not TMS or a combination of both. I think the TMS is exacerbating the reflux.
  4. seanpat

    seanpat New Member

    Well now I have low back, hip and knee pain. Now I am thinking it may all be TMS. I think I need to find a TMS doctor. Has anyone ever been to one they can recommend?
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  5. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    I could not find a TMS doctor in Texas where I live. I have been having pain and various medical conditions, along with all kinds of testing, for so long that I decided to just go to my GP(who has seen me for over 18 Years) and ask him if there was anything from a medical standpoint I should investigate before I committed to a TMS program. He recommended an MRI, which I got. The results of the MRI showed some ruptured discs in my neck which psychologically set me back at least 2-4 weeks in my TMS work. But it was just something I needed to do I guess. Now things have been moving around enough that I don't believe the ruptured discs have anything to do with my chronic pain. In fact anxiety is what is distressing/distracting me the most. But I am starting to have some breakthroughs and feeling really optimistic. I am working with a TMS therapist via skype and that is helping a lot. Also the mindful meditation I know is helping me tremendously. And the journaling. There is a whole lot to do and examine and for me it was often overwhelming and frustrating at first. I wanted to do it all right and get results but in the end it has been more about trusting and letting go. Don't know if that helps but my advice is to get started, be determined and be incredibly kind and patient with yourself.
  6. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sean, I think indeed it is all TMS. I saw reflux in my brother-in-law and it was all completely tied to tension about his job. Since he calmed down it went completely away. Work on your TMS and be patient, give it time.
    best to you
  7. seanpat

    seanpat New Member


    Anxiety is what usually distracts me the most. This reflux has momentarily taken its place because the is anxiety mostly gone without the reflux. When the reflux starts up anxiety kicks in with it. Last night when I had convinced myself this may indeed be tms, the reflux calmed down. It was the low back, hip and knee pain that helped convince me this was tms. I too live in Texas and couldn't find anyone either. I know what is bothering me right now (I think) and I need to learn to accept it. Sometimes the reflux is so unbearable I have to take something for it and it works, for a while. This is the confusing mixed message that is keeping me from totally accepting the tms diagnosis. I think if I found a doctor who diagnosed me with tms it might help me jump the hurdle. Thanks for your advice and input, it has helped tremendously.

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