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fused lower spine

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by frank zappa, Sep 3, 2023.

  1. frank zappa

    frank zappa Newcomer

    hello everyone. my lower back problems started with lower back pain , dull ache, then progressed to stabbing spasms that caused me a half hour getting out of bed. diagnosed disc degeneration, ankylosing spondylitis. numerous shots cortizone, physical therapy. no help at all. last straw was surgeon who said there was general settling in the lower back and wanted to go in from my front and clean it up. then i started listening to dr sarno on youtube and read his book, healing back pain. that was 3 years ago and have been pain free since. my hips are worn out and scheduled replacement last week. the dr ordered x-rays of my back and told me my lower spine is completely fused. and i have that dull lower back pain that causes me discomfort radiating down into my buttocks causing inability to walk any distance(gets worse the longer i walk). I've had that walking problem for many years, but lower back pain and spasms stopped 3 years ago. where do i go from here? thanks.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Well, wherever you go, make sure and pay close attention.
    For a guy who loves logic I was awfully easy on the doctors when their stories didn't make sense...with each other or even from the same Dr.

    It wasn't until waaaay at the end of my pain odyssey that I was finally told I was BORN with a fusion...congenital birth defect that is apparently pretty common. But wait a minute...that is what they do to STOP people's pain? That means I shouldn't have EVER been in pain, right?? That doesn't make any sense!.
    I allegedly had damage to my left side, but i had pain on both sides? Hey...that doesn't make any sense!!
    I have had all of these problems from birth, but they have only started bugging now in my 30's? That doesn't make any sense!!!(I'm 57 now)

    If the pain is being caused by TMS , your body being integrated might be smart enough to choose a spot that would 'make sense' on a cursory inspection... but when we really pay attention to the History, it doesn't hold up.

    Obviously anybody -past age 20 is 'shrinking'... our body grows and it decays. Nowhere NEAR as fast as the Drs say, but that's another topic. Point is, if you have untreated TMS it will run a race all around your body moving like a whack-a-mole.,...and eventually return to square one. My sister and many of my friends who have bought into the 'system' are continually having surgeries, replacements, etc....

    I gotta admit, this is one of the funnier ones I have ever read
    What...your body is like a High School gymnasium and there was a Basketball game last night and he's gonna 'clean up'??

    I got told that I needed something 'microwaved' in my back to shrink it.. it was such a voodoo never been-done practice , I have never heard of it again.. but since their patients never really get 'well' they have to keep coming up with new stuff.

    My favorite Sarno Quote "Therapeutic eclecticism is synonymous with diagnostic incompetence"
    ...and man oh man, is there some eclecticism in the pain biz.

    I think you might want to give Sarno a try before you let them remodel again. Just my .02
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  3. frank zappa

    frank zappa Newcomer

    so consider that tms has acted up again and treat as before.
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  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Since the first few years of doing this stuff, ANYTHING that is body related (Back, knees, elbow, shoulder, hip, wrists, fingers, feet, neck)
    I IMMEDIATELY assume it's TMS and treat it as such...and a lot of the non-physical ones like Bronchitis, Rashes, Needing to pee all of the time,etc, are probably filling the same purpose, but it's not as easy to identify them.

    Yesterday I was doing something. My Hand spasmed. It hurt. I say out loud "F Off..I know you're TMS and I don't need you right now"
    and I keep doing what I was doing (playing guitar)..and it just goes away. It's usually easier to fend them off at the door then once they've moved in a little. Of all the relapses I have had, the knee was probably the 'stickiest'...took a few weeks, maybe even a month to go away, but it was absolutely TMS. I can run, turn, pivot, work just as well as I ever did. But I imagine if I went to a Dr. They might have told me something scary and it would have taken longer to normalize.
    If you have had TMS Before? Yep... I'd treat it All as TMS.
    TMS seems to be a 'propensity' not just a one time occurrence
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