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Full body flush?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by vickiw52, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

    I'm new here. I asked this question on another forum and was refered here by a helpful soul. I've been following Dr Sarno since 1998 when his book, Healing Back Pain, prevented me from having surgery. Over the years tms has reared it's ugly head but I have always defeated it. Since July 4th I have been in a full body flush. It looks like a mild sunburn but looks redder when I have flare ups and it's always worse in the mornings. I have had labs, scans and skin biopsies that have come back clear. They are testing for carcinoid cancer which causes flushing. In some cases it can take years to diagnose after the first flush. My question is can tms cause flushing? I pray so. I know how to take down pain and swelling but I don't know what to do with this.
  2. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    Hi and welcome to the forum. It might be helpful to focus on what was going on when the problem started. Were you under more stress than usual? Did your circumstances change, or was it an anniversary of something difficult in the past? As long as you are checking out the medical end of things, you can't really go wrong with checking out the emotional side too. Sometimes people put this off until they are sure it's TMS, but you've nothing to lose and everything to gain. You may have to postpone ignoring the symptoms until all the medical tests are finished, but emotional self care is always valuable no matter what the outcome. And, you're quite likely to find someone on this forum who's had the same symptoms!
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  3. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Vicki, welcomea Nice to meet you! The fact that you refer to "flare ups" makes my TMS radar blip. And like Tarala said, do some sleuthing as to what was going on when these symptoms started. The brain is endlessly creative in outwitting us in its quest to distract and since you already had TMS knowledge, the flushing could be a new twist. I sure wouldn't latch onto the "it could take years to diagnose" carcinoid cancer pronouncement. Be vigilant like you've already been doing? Yes - by all means! If you could consult a TMS doctor, that would be fantastic. For me personally, and I'm not saying this with medical qualifications so keep that in mind, I would be more concerned about a doctor telling me "it could take years to diagnose" vs the actual likelihood of a symptom being harbinger of cancer down the road.

    If you're having flare ups on the morning, it's worth reflecting on that time frame. Do you look forward to beginning your day? Are you happy with your life currently?

    I encourage you to spend some time here on the forum. Education, as you know, is key to overcoming TMS. And I wouldn't be surprised in the least if you found just the information and encouragement to hasten your healing.

    In the meanwhile, know that we're cheering for you! Please keep us posted on your process.
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  4. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

    Thank you so very much tarala and North Star. What a nice welcome. You'll are both right on track. I have had buckets of stress the past two years. Parents illnesses and young person I love dearly battling heroine addiction. Folks out of work needing my help. I've been blessed to be able to help but it's been stressful. Can't ever do enough. The night I went into the flush I thought someone had stolen my dogs. I only panicked 5 minutes or so but I think it pushed me over. Carcinoid tumors hide and emit hormones that cause flushing. Very hard to detect. BUT I have been warding off tms pain that travels recently. I'm good at that. Stopped back pain that returned and then tendinitis in my feet that were badly swollen. Wasn't having it and it was gone in a couple of days. Made me happy. I keep going when I hurt. I didn't let swelling in my feet stop me. I just hobbled on and I won and pain and swelling are gone. That works for me. I don't know what to do with this. It doesn't look bad. I look like I have sun. I don't know how to fight it. It doesn't hurt. My head feels weird when I have flare ups. I left a gate unlatched two weeks ago and my precious bulldog Cowboy drowned in my pool. It was my fault. We are all heartbroken because of me. Guilt is a killer. I flared up for days. I am finally at peace with the cancer scare. I let go and let God. I'm not going to live in fear. I would love to hear from someone who flushes from tms. I want to know how to end this. Again, thank you for your encouragement. Vickiw52
  5. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Vicki, I flush when I get upset. It's horribly embarrassing to me. Ditto for certain wines….I light up like a Christmas tree. I can feel it starting at my neck like one of those cartoon characters. With my short hair, my red ears are especially noticeable could be used to stop traffic.

    But anyway. I am glad you are at peace over the scare and oh ma gosh…girl, you have been through a lot lately! I am especially sorry about your beloved Cowboy. That little furball in my avatar is my Daisy. We just found her outside wandering about. My daughter let a downstairs door open and out wandered my beloved puppy. Thankfully, she didn't explore into the busy highway we live just off of. Anyway. All that to say, I can only imagine the loss and guilt. More importantly, I hope you have forgiven yourself. We are all human and in a blink of an eye stuff can happen.

    Regarding stopping the flushes, practice deep breathing, meditation and guided imagery. Those are good practical tools but they take some practice. Like Ellen was talking about in another thread, maybe check out yoga and see if that is helpful.

    You're on a great path already….just keep moving forward!
  6. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

    Cute cute Daisy! Thank you for your kind words. I went out by the pool that night because we were just told my old beagle Opie only has a few weeks left and I didn't want anyone to see me upset. Surreal. Wasn't my only loss. My husband decided our farm was too much work and we bought a house in the city just before Christmas. I had to find homes for my much loved horses and my barn buddies. I am one brokenhearted lost cowgirl. I'm still boots and jeans and miss going out to my barn everyday. I know I'm blessed and live in a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood on a beautiful busy street but it's so different. I have a 4' X 5' picture of my horse, Cash, my husband had made for my new living room. I miss him. He was my buddy.

    How long do your flushes last? I have been flushed 24/7 since July 4th. Head to toe. It never leaves. My skin is slightly warm and it doesn't bother me much now. It gets hotter when it flares but that doesn't happen often. Do you feel hot when you flush? Does it run in your family? Do you ever wake up flushed? I'm really red in the morning even if I've had a good night and don't have anything unpleasant for the day.

    Well thank you and I'll keep on the good path. I just need some information. You helped.
  7. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Oh, you poor dear! What a huge change! And a big loss too. I hope you're being gentle with yourself.

    The flushes I mentioned don't last more than an hour or so. And then there's the hormonal flushes…those are about as much fun as discovering a whisker on my 50-year-old cheek. :eek: (I use a progesterone cream that has helped soften the ride somewhat.) And yes, my face and ears get hot to touch. If I want to impress my friends with a parlor trick, I could just pop a few niacin and wait for the show to begin.

    That's got to be worrisome if you've been flushed since July 4th. Because your tests have all been negative so far, I would totally treat it like TMS which means using strategies to get your mind off of stressing over it. Yeah, I know…easier said than done! For me, one of my hardest symptoms has been a knotted achilles that gets very painful and makes it difficult to walk.

    It got so that I'd wake up on the morning and would check to see how large the knot was. I put a stop to that. And when it feels tight, I do not allow myself to feel around to see how bad it looks. (It has gotten walnut size.) NO MORE!!! Instead, I ask myself…what am I afraid of? Why am I afraid to step out? Remember TMS is all about distracting your from the emotional issues.

    Is your flushing telling you that you're really "burning up inside" about something? (Geesh, with all you've been through, I would think so!)

    One thing I try to do is when I have a symptom that's bothering me, I'll sit quietly and ask my body what's going on. Learning to still the gerbils that frolic about in my head is no small thing but I am getting better at tapping into that inner wisdom that we all have. It's only found in stillness.

    Hope that helps a little more. :)
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  8. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

  9. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

    Oh yes! This helps more than a little. I am burning on the inside. This move was nuts. Why not see it on the outside. The first thing in the morning I check to see how flushed my arms are. I will start talking to myself instead. I can't believe I can get rid of back and foot pain and couldn't figure out how to do this. Duh. I have plenty of time to get still and work this. I don't know what to do with myself yet away from my barn. It was my morning and evening escape. Made the hard stuff during the day ok. Tomorrow is another day. I'm ready. It's 2:26 am. I hope this makes sense. Ha ha.

    Hear you on the hormonal flushes and other little surprises. Your funny! I went through menopause at 46 after 11 years on HRT. Stopped cold turkey. No fun but I reached the finish line early.

    Thank you for your time, kind words, and good advice. Bless You North Star!
  10. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Don't worry about making sense, nothing about TMS makes sense (at least to Dr. Sarn0's fellow doctors who thought he was a woo-woo whack job and shunned him). The more you can laugh at and ignore your personal gremlin, the faster you'll get over your symptoms. Laughing is good, watch comedies and musicals.

  11. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Vicki, you're so welcome. I'm glad I was able to encourage you. Is there something you can do to ease your loss? My friend, an avid horse woman, has an arrangement to ride a horse whenever the urge strikes. She grew up riding horses and as you know, horse riding opportunities in the city is somewhat limited. ;) Or perhaps you could volunteer at something like 4-H. Just tossing around ideas. (I may not make sense yet as I am not fully caffeinated. On the other hand, I'll just plead "TMS" and what TT said about it not making sense. lol

    TT, "woo-woo whack job"….that made me laugh…And then I glanced at your signature line and though…"awwww, he's quoting Dr. Seuss!" The first part of that quote seemed lyrical and then when I went to look for the rhyming second line…uh, yeah. *goes back to drinking coffee while considering a new eye glass prescription…*
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  12. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

    How sweet of you both. Tennis Tom thank you for bringing me here. My spirits are lifted. Yes laughing is good. I'm a little angry right now. I have a husband who takes care of everybody so I can't do anything about it. He's a good man. I have found that watching shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy help the most. Which is good because we watch them together and when it's over I feel less like hurting someone. I either watch violence or comedies. Glad to know I don't have to make sense to get better. Thanks Buddy.

    North Star, you are so thoughtful. Loving a horse is so much more than riding. They hold your heart. The thought of riding another horse for me would be like walking your neighbors dog to get over the loss of yours. My parents are ill and take much of my time they were thrilled when I moved so I don't have to spend time taking care of horses. Shoot me. Lol! I also had an ancient miniature donkey that was more like an old dog. Followed me every step. Charlie was originally at Graceland farm here in Memphis but kept escaping to meet the school bus. He eventually came to me. He is 69 in human years. Yes it's documented and I found him a wonderful home but I miss him. All my barn buddies got to stay together. That helps. They live too far away to visit. I have my kids around the corner and wake up blessed everyday. I'll get over this and adjust.

    I hear you on the coffee. My husband is a Yankee (no offense to anyone, my son in law is one too) and his father was from England. The poor man doesn't drink coffee just his little cup of tea and sooo doesn't get us coffee drinkers. He rides a Harley and I ride a horse. Thought about getting a Harley myself but traffic here is terrible and my texting Granddaughter drives. Can't control them when they drive. Liked it better when she rode her horse. Not good. I really enjoy your sense of humor. Especially that you have one before your caffeinated. Hearing from someone who gets this tms and doesn't think it's crazy is really helpful. You are appreciated. Enjoy your day and thanks again. :happy:
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  13. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Oh man…I didn't even think of that, the horse suggestion as being painful! My apologies. :oops: My friend, who rides horses, has been away from a rural environment so that's probably how she can enjoy it so much.

    I chuckled over your violent movie watching. I usually don't watch those but I gotta tell you…a few months ago I watched a violent one with Jean Claude Van Damme and felt like it was cathartic. I'm sure there are more in my future…

    Hey, I'm a Yankee and proud. When we lived in Franklin (yay! Tennessee!) people would always twang, "Yer not from around here, are ya?" How did you guess, we would reply.
    But ya…that coffee is pretty important to this girl. A cup of tea is nice in the afternoon but it will never replace coffee! I was fortunate enough to have gone to England many years ago and learned a few of my British friends would first drink tea and then maybe coffee later on. I was able to overlook their short comings however and we had a lovely time. hee hee
  14. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

    Oh no! Don't apologize. I've found a lot of people see horses as the ride and not a friend. My horse Cash was born with a gentle spirit. Never bucked when he was broke and loved to nuzzle and had more personality than any horse I've ever seen. My husband was burying a 150 foot drainage pipe and Cash was 'helping'. He watched him the whole time taking his hat from him and trying to lift the shovel when he would lay it down. So cute you couldn't get mad. The next morning I went out and Cash had dug that pipe up. He loved to help. Lol He will ride a three year old around the barn lot walking slow with such patience and when he gets tired or can tell the child wants off he walks to me and lays his head on my chest which means, rides over. He's a Tennessee Walker and when he has a crowd or someone new around when we ride he will show off and step like a show horse. Which I never make him do. He stays in my pockets and 'yells' for me if I'm outside and ignore him. When I'm sad he knows and puts his head over my shoulder and pulls me to him. He's special.

    Haha on Jean Claude Van Dam movie. Yes seeing someone else kick butt can be quite the emotional release. Helps me these days. Franklin TN beautiful country. I loved your spelling of how we sound to you. I was raised in Memphis not in the country so I don't quite sound like that. Haha. I'm the black sheep of my family. You couldn't beat my parents or siblings into living in the country. My Mama says I was born this way. I don't fit in. Lol We are sweet tea drinkers as I'm sure you know. The first time I ever saw hot tea was visiting China Town in California. I just can't see it taking the place of coffee. You drink what you know I guess.

    I'm reading Steve O's book. He's a good man. His book is a wonderful read. I saw where he had Rosacea and it was tms. I was diagnosed with a mild case this winter. Flushing is tied in with roseaca. I saw where he was responding to people on here earlier. I know he saw my question because he remarked on the one above it and soon after remarked on a newer one. I'm thinking if he had ever seen a tms case of flushing he would have said so. If he doesn't know of one or doesn't have anything to say about it maybe I don't belong here although I have really enjoyed talking with you and my outlook is much better. So it certainly wasn't a loss. :)
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  15. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Your horse sounds amazing. I grew up a city girl so the only horse I was exposed to was that thing outside of K-mart that we'd put a quarter in. Not quite the same experience. haha

    There's not a day goes by I don't think about TN. I love it. The environment, the friendly southern people and yes, the accents. (Though sometimes on the backroads, I'd have a hard time understanding a few here and there. ;) ) I hope we can take a trip back there next year. And yes, I learned all about sweet tea there. And other southern yummies.

    Steve is a real treasure. I love seeing when he's been on so I can see what he's written. His book was and continues to be a great encouragement to me.

    I've enjoyed visiting with you as well!
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  16. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi everyone - this is an awesome discussion, and a warm welcome to Vicki. Your descriptions of your relationships with the wonderful animals in your life are very moving. As a shelter volunteer, I know without a doubt how important it is to cherish these amazing and mysterious relationships - it's what makes us human, in spite of the fact that their short and innocent lives will inevitably break our hearts.

    I only have one thing to add to the wonderful advice being offered here: you really don't need to "know" that any particular symptom is TMS. What you do need to know - or remember - is that your brain is in charge of every physiological process in your body. This means it is capable of producing any kind of physiological symptom to mask the emotions it thinks are too scary for you to face.

    Don't forget: Dr. Sarno's first example of a TMS reaction is blushing. This is the proof that it's possible to experience a physiological symptom that has absolutely no basis in a pathological condition, but is 100% produced by the brain wanting to distract you from a negative emotion.

    So why would you end up with a symptom that is so pervasive and unusual? My answer is that you have been so successful at beating the "typical" TMS symptoms for many years, that it's not even surprising that your brain has to work extra hard to come up with a symptom that no one else has ever had.

    It's important to be sure there really is nothing wrong - but while you're waiting for the all tests to run their course, there's no harm, and much good, in believing with the whole of your brain and your heart that there is nothing wrong with you, and in visualizing your continued good health. Doing this boosts your immune system, which can only improve your physical and emotional health.

    All the best,

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  17. vickiw52

    vickiw52 New Member

    Jan, Lord have mercy! I was digging myself a hole again until I read this. Feelings of helplessness were creeping back in. This is a beautiful place to come to. So much hope and encouragement. Good, caring people here reaching out to help a stranger. Beautiful!

    Thank you for you're encouraging and wise insight into this tms oddity I'm dealing with. It's good to call it tms and not potential cancer. I'm going to hold on to that. I'm keeping this from my family. They don't need another burden and they rely on me. This makes it easier to smile.

    You volunteer at a shelter and North Star is an animal lover too. I believe that folks that love animals love bigger and better. We learn it by being loved by them. I was blessed to have met you. I'm going to go and enjoy a peaceful sleep now.

    Thank you so very much, Vicki
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  18. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Beautiful addition to the conversation, Jan. Very good stuff!

    And yes, Vicki, I think animal lovers tap into something way beyond ourselves and add more dimension to our lives. My Daisy concurs. :happy:
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  19. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I thank God every day for my darling black Lab Annie, and the two I had before her
    for 16 and a half years each. They teach me to live in the present and not worry if I have
    enough bones buried in the back yard for tomorrow.

    They nap and love, play and love, eat and love, drink water and love.
    They're always giving love.

    Cats may too, in their own way. But I sure know dogs give love!
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  20. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Vickie at the Wiki, Thanks to my friend Tennis Tom, I saw this thread.

    VickiW52, you are so much better than the VickieW51 model was. New and improved.

    Of course flushing is a mindbody response to stress, and other factors. Many people write to me telling me they began flushing after or during tense times. My severe rosacea began within days after my wife was paralyzed. I had never had it before so I had no idea what it was. Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagen used to get it when they were stressed. WC Fields too.

    I was deeply enraged by what happened to my wife, but I never felt the rage. That's the problem. I was too busy being nice, like you. The way you phrase your words, and treat other people, is more than enough to gain you a lifetime pass into the TTTA, "Type T-TMSer-club-of -America."

    The body releases adrenaline, glucose and cortisol as it manufactures the energy to fight or flight. But as most people at the Wiki know, there's no fight/flight taken, only freeze. A steady, stoic person trying to survive in a dynamic situation of change will be pulled apart (stressed), and the result is the body expressing its disdain through somaticizing. Flushing and blushing most often are results of deep anger. Dr. Sarno said that the dermatologists, in his experience, were the ones most open to mindbody reactions. The redness is seen as the person weeping through their skin.

    So, if you've been cleared by your doc to try TMS healing then there's internal work to do. The work is done by getting back into balance. For red skin (sorry Washington), it can be thought of as too much acidity. Try to oxygenate your body to reduce the levels of harmful glucocorticoids. Walk, breathe fresh air, stay in motion more and live less in your head. Let your body fall heavy. Become more physical and think less.

    Breathe from the belly, relax, laugh, listen to music, and keep aerobic. Worry is all in your head and a matter of perception. Your skin is telling you that you need to slow your mental chatter, and to become happier.

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