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Freedom without experiencing the rage/fear?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Tom2374, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Tom2374

    Tom2374 Newcomer

    I'm in the middle of reading Dr. Sarno's, The Mindbody Prescription. I'm enjoying it.

    I do have a question though.

    How is it that pain relief can be obtained with the education of knowing what's happening, yet not actually going through a deeper emotional release of the repressed fears and rage? By "release" I mean an experience where I might start crying, screaming, etc. I've forgotten the page number but Dr. Sarno explained that only a small percentage of his patients needed the help of a psychologist to "let go" of the repressed emotions. Most (I believe 80%) he stated were healed simply by the education and awareness of what's going on in their minds.

    For example, if my neck pain is relieved in a matter of two weeks of reading Dr. Sarno's book (and I don't doubt that it can be), yet I don't actually go through the process of directly experiencing the inner rage/fear that I have (so that it leaves the subconscious), can we call that a healthy recovery?
  2. EileenS

    EileenS Well known member

    I have read in other books that this method you describe of directly expiriencing the emotion is one method, but not the only method and not always necessary for recovering from emotional issues.

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