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Free class: Say Goodbye to Pelvic Pain (for women with vulvodynia, IC, and other pelvic pain))

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Forest, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi folks,

    Periodically, we get questions about pelvic pain here on the forum, and I often refer people to Abigail Steidley since she had it herself and recovered using books by Dr. Sarno and Schubiner. I'm on her mailing list and it looks like there is a teleseminar hosted by one of her students that might be helpful.

    Here's the link to the beautiful page describing it:

    You can sign up through the above link (it's free and you get a recording if you sign up). I thought I'd paste in the text from the page, below, so that the text would get into our custom search engine. That will help our visitors to find Lorraine in the future - a good thing since it seems that she has a specialty in an area that is underserved. If Lorraine would like, I'd be happy to take it down!

    To Women Suffering With Vulvodynia, Interstitial Cystitis, And Other Pelvic or Sexual pain…
    Join Me for My Upcoming Free Call!

    “Say Goodbye to pelvic pain”

    If you are feeling frustration, fear, or despair because you’ve tried all the traditional and alternative treatments you know of – and you’re still in pain….this class is for you!

    Hosted By Lorraine Faehndrich – Women’s Mind Body Mentor and Pelvic Pain Relief Coach

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 1:00 pm EST

    Can’t make the live class? Don’t worry. Sign up anyway and we will send you a recording after the call!

    Here’s what you’ll learn during this content rich call:
    • Three critical keys to achieving lasting relief from pelvic pain, restoring your wellbeing, and reclaiming your life.
    • The #1 thing that is keeping you stuck and in pain – and how to release it.
    • An effective and powerful tool that you can use NOW to break free from obsessive negative thinking and worrying about your symptoms…….so that you can release your anxiety and start relieving your pain.
    • An understanding of Mind Body healing and how it can transform and relieve your pain.…… Including why Mind Body Healing does NOT mean that your pain is “all in your head” (or your fault) and what it actually does mean.
    • And more!
    Afterwards, you will have a clear sense of how to get “unstuck” and move from resisting your pain towards relieving it. You will know the key skills you MUST master to relieve your pain, and most importantly, you will experience a renewed sense of hope that you, too, can not only relieve your pain but experience freedom, passion and joy in your body and your life! Plus, I’m confident you’ll experience some major AHA’s and breakthroughs during this call, too!

    If you suspect that there may be a deeper cause to your pain but you’re not sure what it is or what you can do about it, if you’ve heard about mind body healing and have wondered if it could help you, or if you’ve tried mind body tools in the past and haven’t had success, this is a great chance to learn more!

    And, If you attend the call LIVE, you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered during our Q&A AND be entered in a drawing to receive a free seat in my upcoming 8 week group program!

    Sound Good?

    Great. Enter your name and email above to reserve your seat now!

    With Love, Magic and Possibility,



    P.S. Here’s some of the feedback I got from listeners last time:

    “Thank you so much Lorraine…I have literally spent thousands of dollars on treatments. Just in this 90 minutes you have given me HOPE!”

    “I’m so inspired by the call today! I felt devastated by my own pain issues, but now I see a way forward to relieve not only my physical pain, but my obsessing and worrying about my symptoms over and over in my mind. I can’t wait to work on the three keys that you listed on the call!”

    “Just listened to your call – WONDERFUL information! I love how you laid out the physical connection between our emotions and pain. Karen’s story described me to a tee! Thank you so much for doing this work to help women in pain.”

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