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Flare with specific sports

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by edieb, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. edieb

    edieb New Member

    3 1/2 year history of neck pain admist other what I now believe were TMS symptoms. I have gotten about 75% pain free with all my work over the last 3 months. However, in returning to specifically tennis and running, I get a complete return of symptoms. What I am struggling with is the intermix of TMS with deconditioning as I did have a artificial cervical disc surgery at C6-7 4 months ago due to acute radiculopathy, motor loss and sensation loss. Woke up in recovery room with no shoulder and arm pain and full motor strength and sensation returned with in 2 weeks. So that was a success...however, still with the diffuse neck pain I had before the acute radiculopathy which I truly believe is just fired up pain pathways with no structural basis any more. So, I am rehabing from a big surgery as well as trying to integrate TMS recovery. Suggestions as I desperately want to return to tennis and some running. The fear and anxiety literally sweep over me the evenings after I run or even play tennis for 15 minutes as the muscular neck pain, muscle spasms, headache and foggy thinking start.
  2. Marls

    Marls Well known member

    Hi edieb, my progress is much slower than yours but have just started to go back to my sport after 18 months and tonight I am climbing the walls with headache pain etc. Feels like TMS just doesn’t want me to enjoy myself. I’m afraid I’m not experienced enough to help you, but rest assured there is someone who knows where you’re at. Keep posting, staying connected helps I think.
  3. Free of Fear

    Free of Fear Well known member

    So happy so happy to hear of your recovery so far! And it's great you're making the fear and anxiety around these activities.

    Do you use any pre- or post-exercise strategies, like affirmations, visualization, meditation, etc.?
  4. NicoleB34

    NicoleB34 Well known member

    I've been having the opposite reaction. I have pelvic nerve pain, and as you can imagine this destroyed my mountain biking obsession. So far, the best things i've done to get my life (somewhat) back, is to control my fear and outlook on activities i was avoiding. Some of these things i was already doing before i knew about TMS. For instance, i have bladder pain syndrome (IC) and they always tell you "dont eat or drink spicy things". Well, from the very beginning, i didnt think diet mattered with my pain. I'd feel the same whether i drank coffee or water. So because i thought the diet was bullcrap, i never followed it. Therefore, i never got the fear or food avoidance that many bladder pain sufferers get. Then i developed pudendal neuralgia (burning pain in the low pelvis). This can severely restrict the ability to sit. However, the thought of not sitting was unacceptable to me. So, i simply sat as much as i liked. As a result, i never got the severe sitting pain (and fear of sitting). I did get a special cushion, and at first, i was using it everywhere i went. When i learned about TMS, i decided to ditch the cushion. At first my body revolted...then it adjusted. My next plan was to get back into riding. I had spent enough time off the bike and i was miserable and depressed. It made my pain worse!
    I started small with the riding. a few miles here and there. At first i'd get so scared i was "damaging" my pelvic nerve. After all, excessive cycling is known to CAUSE this condition. I would be all tense while riding, and then freak out after the ride. Painful flares were often. When i decided to change my outlook and just RIDE and try my hardest to not be afraid, things started changing. Yes i got flares at first, but when i approached my favorite activity with enthusiasm, instead of worry, my mileage drastically increased. I can do up to 30 miles now! I still have some issues with riding very rough trails, or riding multiple days in a row, but I'm working on it. Other people with PN cannot believe i'm willing to risk sitting on a bike seat, but i have proven it to be possible.

    My biggest struggle now, is my daily fluctuating pain. i've taught myself to not fear specific active activities, but now i get much more pain at rest.

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