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Flare up/relapse need help dealing....

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by dusty67, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    I've been on an upswing for the last month or so since I started my TMS journey. I had one bad leg/foot burning day but it was gone in the morning and never returned. I have resumed a lot of normal activity...bending, lifting, twisting, driving, danced a little in celebration Ha!, even ran a short distance, housework, shopping,cooking etc etc Sooooo....this evening I bent over to pick something up and got the same lower disc pain that I had before (I have not felt this in any position at all for about a month) That started the old chain of events of nerve pain in my lower back, into my leg, ankle and foot. All the while Im telling myself its just TMS. My back is healthy. It will go away. It wont kill me. I dismissed it and kept busy with other things. I just doesn't seem to let go. Now every time I bend Im getting the same pain and its starting to mildly ache & throb. I have been doing so well with not dwelling on the pain but probably because there really hasn't been much to speak of. Not like this. Im confused about what is causing the actual pain. I used to always think that pain was my disc that was hurting but all the Drs/chiro/massage people would tell me its muscle. I guess that makes sense with TMS, as in mild oxygen deprivation to the muscle, in my back. I did get a little upset this evening so I think that may have been the trigger....although I think I felt the "pull" in my spine a little before my emotional issues. Cant remember. I did some journaling, cried a lot (haven't done that for a while) and the pain is still there. Could this pinching every time I bend down be caused by the muscles in my back? Did I get myself so worked up that the muscles are tense now (and oxygen deprived) so it hurts to stretch? I don't really understand what actually causes the sharp pain in the same spot every time I bend. I had it for almost a year...then it disappeared....and just came back tonight. Maybe I should not even be questioning where the pain is coming from? Maybe it doesn't matter and Im just feeding the fire? I guess Im just curious on how the pain goes straight back to that spot when I had completely convinced myself without a doubt that I CAN bend, twist, jump, run. I've been doing that for weeks and celebrating everyday. Telling everyone I know about the miracle healing I have had. Now this. Dang brain goes right back to....uh oh....I must have just twisted a little bit too much the wrong way and injured it again. This rollercoaster is enough to drive the sane mad. Yesterday I was ready to write my success story and save the rest of the world suffering with chronic pain. OK Well...I guess I will just have to look at this as a blip in my progress. Tomorrow will be better. I will try something new to add to my evidence list.
  2. patrickelvin

    patrickelvin New Member

    Hi Dusty

    I am only a week into my recovery so wont be able to offer you any advice just my sympathy and cncern that this can happen to you when you have been progresing so well . reading other peoples blogs seem to indicate that relapses are to be expected . It is a mysteery to me that pain can be triggered by geniine accidents or misuse of the body yet is always explaiend as TMS , as is you r case I think you are doin gall the right things and positive thinking will help I am sure . Lets hope one of the gurus will come upwith something for you t o work on

  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think our pain can begin with lifting or doing something else strenuous,
    but it has done no structural damage. It's just our subconscious's way of
    telling us we have TMS.

    Patrick, I love the dogs you are holding in your lap. One looks like a Lab.
    My Annie is my third black lab mix and I adore her, as I did the first two.
    Dogs have kept me healthy and happy for more than 40 years, and
    I'm 84 now. I never married. Just stuck with dogs.

    Happy Easter!
  4. patrickelvin

    patrickelvin New Member

    HI Walt

    glad you like my dogs I have a third dog ( sort of sheep dog type but more my wifes dog ) and are all mongrels but great characters . but all three are rescue dogs here in SPain

    As we have no children they are our child substitutes and am sure contribute towards our happiness and health as they get me out walking every day which cant be bad in treatment of TMS .

    I see you have a lab in your picture which I had not noticed until you mentioned mine .

    Happy Easter to you
  5. patrickelvin

    patrickelvin New Member

    Hi Walt

    i tried to post on you rprofile but only allowed 420 charcters so heres the rest of it

    I am just starting to try and overcome my TMS ( medical diagnosis of two slipped discs l4 and 5 and associated sciatica ) haviing read Sarno twice in a week .I am desperate to progress especially as I have a 2 week hike coming up later this week and walking after a couple of hours becomes very painful

    I dont think Sarno is clear on how to move on apart from his 12 daily reminders ( I agree with all he says about what TMS is ) with actively identifying the emotion that triggers the TMS and I have nothing obvious in my backgorund to suggest anything , Nrmal childhood normal career, early enjoyanle retirement with active healthy life with lovely wife , noo financial worries so its diffcult to focus on a particular tension . ( Iam a worrier however )

    so I have just ordered Shubiners book which has a 4 week coourse which I hope might identify the emtiional probelm I like the way you went for self help , I howeverhave the advantage of knowing amy medical diagnosis which compares easily with many of the case studuies in Sarno book.
  6. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    Hi patrickelvin thank you for your response. I seem to be handling the flare up a little better today. Its hanging in there but a little less than yesterday. I am pushing through the pain which seems to be helping. Keeping busy seems to really help distract. Best of luck to you in your TMS journey :)

    Thank you as well Walt. I always wonder what causes the pain? Is it from the muscles tightening up? And what about the nerve pain in my legs/feet? I guess the oxygen deprivation sets them firing off? Just curious as to how the lack of oxygen effects the muscles/nerves. Im always full of questions....drives my doctor nuts Ha! Thanks again :)

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