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Flare up I guess

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by riverrat, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. riverrat

    riverrat Well known member

    Been doing so well for several months - some pelvic pain but didn't control my day or thoughts anymore. 80-90 healed.
    Last week it came back awful- worse than a usual " flare up." Went to dr, I actually do have a bladder infection. It's been many years since one. Bladder doesn't even hurt, it was just perineum and pelvic floor pain that took me to dr. In past years, I struggled getting through the pelvic floor dysfunction after an infection- it took awhile. So yeah, that's in the back of my mind. On antibiotics now, it lessened the intensity of pain from when I went to dr on Thursday. But still in a crappy flare all weekend. The muscles feel like they're so contracted down there, I feel the physical tightness of them. Like little bands of tight painful knots. Feels helpful to push on, but only makes it worse after I'm done. And the pain keeps moving location of the pelvic floor constantly all weekend. Just not letting up. Worrying about what the infection is doing to all the progress I made. Been Sitting around all weekend making me stir crazy because it just hurts too much to stand. Sitting much easier. Its so consuming despite meditating, tapping, just keeps jumping around, painful sensations, pressure, tightness... started last week and I'm starting to lose my mind... somebody tell me they've had this or that I'm ok please! I wanna cry and can't even cry.
  2. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    So, sorry Riverrat! But you should see the bright side: there is no reason why the pain shouldn’t go away when the bladder infection is resolved. Try to relax the muscles as much as possible, do nice things! A bladder infection is something very normal, women do have this. It was good that it had been caught! I understand that you are afraid of pelvic pain that stays. But it mustn’t!
    You are ok! It’s just a bladder infection and the muscle tension will stop again. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t try too hard. Be kind yo yourself!
    Send8ng you warm thoughts!
  3. riverrat

    riverrat Well known member

    Thank you so much for the encouragement.

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