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Day 1 First Post

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by pianoyogi, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. pianoyogi

    pianoyogi Newcomer

    Hi, I'm convinced I have TMS. I have had chronic pain to some degree or other since I was about 11. (I am 43) Also chronic anxiety and OCD. Am about to start work with a therapist who is experienced in working with TMS. Excited about that. Finally feel like I might be getting somewhere with it all. I've been searching for years for the answer, but what I'm realising is that 'the answer' is actually within me, I just need some help accessing it and safely feeling my feelings. My baseline emotion is fear. I have functioned well in the world despite this but have been on antidepressants for over 20 years and have tried unsuccessfully to come off them several times. I don't know whether this is something I want to attempt again, but I am a little unsure of whether I will be able to feel all my feelings properly without reducing the dose, so if anyone has any experience of tapering off drugs whilst working with the programme I would be interested to hear.

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