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First post - Fresh pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Evan, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Evan

    Evan New Member

    Hi all,

    I am new to TMS and to this website. I searched for a thread that related closely to my symptoms/situation, but could not find anyone with exactly what’s been going on with me.

    I'll try to do a quick history. Relative to many of you, I found Dr. Sarno's book "Healing Back Pain" fairly soon after my injury. 7 months ago, I was playing hockey with a rib out of place. I simply stretched for a puck and felt a "click". I was layed up and could not walk for nearly a week with severe pain in my lower back that made normal motion impossible. Easily the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Fast forward through the next 7 months, it got better and worse again while seeing 6+ different Dr's (chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, acupuncturist). I had an MRI done in December that showed a herniated L5/S1. Which all the Dr's obviously pointed to as the cause of my pain and Sciatica. I was not a great candidate for surgery (thankfully!) as my pain was mostly in my lower back and not ONLY in my legs (which I did/do have Sciatica down my right leg into my calf).

    I found and finished "Healing Back Pain" two and a half weeks ago and since then have been completely immersed in re-reading it, this forum, YouTube success stories, the daily reminders, Sarno interviews, etc. I can honestly say that I felt my pain moving around like I've never felt. Which has been very encouraging. Since the injury, I have been completely nursing my back and not doing anything I normally would be (snowboarding, playing hockey, working out, running, even sitting at my work desk -as my couch and an ice pack has taken the place of my that). Since every doctor I saw told me my motor skills are great and that "this disk herniation is not that bad and should not be causing you this much pain", I can confidently believe that TMS is the culprit, that I do not have a structural abnormality and there is nothing serious going on back there. Upon finishing the book, I knew I was giving my pain way too much of my energy and attention. I decided to go outside and resume my normal life. I’ve been going to the gym and doing real workouts along with running up to 2 miles at a time. Although I feel the pain, I feel great to be active and breaking a sweat.

    One week ago, I awoke to a pain I haven't felt in a while, the pain that told me "be careful or you will really hurt yourself again" (to describe the pain, it was in the center of my lower back and felt like my back might break) a similar pain as to when I initially had my hockey injury. Once again, I read the chapter on resuming physical activity "including the most vigorous". So, to prove to my brain that I would not put up with its games, I did not nurse it and instead, went to the gym to stay on my new routine. That evening, I had excruciating back pain similar to the pain I felt when I first injured myself. However, within a couple days, that pain subsided and continued as the “normal” pain.

    Today, I’ve decided I need to post on the forum. I woke up and went outside to see it snowed a few inches. Being the good neighbor I am, and no longer thinking of shoveling as a handicap, I grabbed a shovel and started to clean the steps so my neighbors wouldn’t slip on our steep steps. One of my feet slipped on the step and came down hard on the step below which gave my body a solid jolt and my back/legs an over extension. Immediately the “fresh” pain returned and I could hardly move without severe pain taking over. All day, every simple move I make causes excruciating pain in the same place; the center of the lower back. Sitting, lifting, normal movements add to the pain.

    Can this really just be O2 deprivation? My instincts are telling me to be careful right now, but I do not want to give any more sympathy to my "back injury".

    Has this happened to anyone in their healing process? I am trying to stay in my good mind set but this pain is very real. Dr. Sarno says not to fear reinjuring yourself when resuming normal activity (i.e. shoveling) but today’s events do not add to my confidence.
  2. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Evan, Welcome! I'm so glad you found Dr. Sarno's book and this forum. I know it's hard to envision right now but you are in a great place! All I could think of reading your post is how fortunate you are to have discovered TMS before suffering needless for years.

    Now, I'm not giving medical observations but I will say that every bit of your story sounds totally TMS. ESPECIALLY since you've had doctors agreeing with TMS, without saying, that is. ;)

    One thing Dr. Sarno does say is to be cautious about jumping into your old routine too quickly BEFORE you've had a significant reduction in your pain. IMHO, I suspect you may have jumped the gun a little bit. (And we TMSers know how to do things with gusto! lol) Just slow your pace down a little bit and allow confidence to build. You'll get there!

    To answer about the O2 deprivation. I had a hard time getting my mind around that at first too. Especially when I had visible swelling and could barely walk from my calves being seized up. Then I thought about this…If you've ever talked to a heart attack survivor, the frequently describe the pain as an elephant stepping on their chest. And what's behind a heart attack but…oxygen deprivation to the heart.

    So yeah. O2 deprivation can be horrendous. If I recall, Dr. Sarno says it can be among the most excruciating pain there is. Which brings me to another MUST READ…
    Steve Ozanich's book, The Great Pain Deception. His personal narrative and journey into healing makes for quite the read. I've found it instrumental in helping me with my healing journey. (I'm not yet pain free but I'm on my way after suffering with numerous issues for 30 some years.)

    Please keep us posted on your progress and again...welcomea
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  3. Evan

    Evan New Member

    North Star - Thanks for your reply. I think that is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I would have to agree that I did indeed jump in to my old routine rather quickly with NO reduction in pain before I decided to go do…EVERYTHING. I have a lot to learn still and can't wait for my subconscious to catch up, lol. Your heart attack analogy is great and does put things into perspective. I will most certainly post again with my progress, which I am ever hopeful for (but trying not to count days!). Also, thanks for the book suggestion! Its on my list!
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  4. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Evan. North Star offers great advice, as always.
    Shoveling snow could give anyone pain. See... your "goodist" personality was at work, helping your neighbor
    by shoveling their snow. I used to do that but gave it up when I turned 80. haha.
  5. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    I can tell by your tone, Evan, that you're going to beat TMS! So hang in there and keep putting once foot in front of the other. :happy:

    Walt, you shouldn't have to shoveling snow after 80. I'd be shoveling it for you but…oh wait…I'm going to live in a sunny warm climate…;) You'll just have to move and be my neighbor. Daisy and Annie would love it.
  6. Evan

    Evan New Member

    Well, thanks to the both of you. I must admit I do have my days of complete frustration, but that is why I decided to post in here. I hope it will be a while before I need to do anything with SNOW again!
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  7. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Actually, I haven't shoveled snow for several years.

    I used a snow blower but this winter two big young guys rang my doorbell and I hired
    them to clear my driveway. They didn't charge much and so I called them when I needed help
    with the snow.

    I just hired them to pull weeds and tidy up the front and back yards.

    And his year I'll have a lawn service mow my front and back yard grass.

    Enough is enough!
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  8. UkAdR

    UkAdR Peer Supporter

    Ha, I'm considering that at 31 Walt.... ;) Lol
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  9. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Smart man, UkAdR!

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