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First onset of nasty back pain in 10 years

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Chris R, Mar 22, 2022.

  1. Chris R

    Chris R New Member

    Hi folks,

    I recovered from TMS about 10 years ago after 15 years of getting no answers from some of the 'best' specialists in the Boston area. I used to have terrible back pain, and the docs who saw the MRI of a bulging disc of course attributed the pain to it. Long story short, after discovering Dr. Sarno's and Scott Brady's books I recovered after months of re-programming.

    I occasionally get mild soreness in my back, but I never worry about it and really haven't for a decade. Then 2 weeks ago while simply walking from my car to my kitchen I felt sudden knife-like pain in both sides of my lower back. As soon as it happened I almost dropped to the floor.

    I haven't revisited TMS in quite a while since I understood the cause of my pain. But the pain was so bad, that I had to remind myself to think psychologically. Sure enough, there is a lot going on, including a relationship that's been very stressful for the last several few months, and a job that gets more stressful by the day with no let-up, and makes me wrestle with the possibility of shifting careers on a daily basis but with no clear goal or direction. Lots of unconscious rage.

    I was thinking psychologically and re-reading passages in the books that used to help me, and the pain gradually improved, about 75% better. I was able to jog about a mile with no pain. And then today, I reached into the fridge and boom, the same knife-life pain happened again. This time, it made me worry and doubt TMS even though I know that's what it is. So frustrating.

    A long time ago I had cancer and get my blood work done every year, having just had my last test 3 months ago with no issues at all. However, now with this 2nd incident, my mind starts thinking about some sort of physical problem. And I know if I go to a doctor, they'll just send me down the rabbit hole of physical therapy and an MRI.

    Has something similar happened to anyone where you feel like you're improving, then have a major setback? If so, how do you deal with it? Re-read Sarno, et al? Anything else?

    Thanks for any tips!
  2. Some Guy

    Some Guy New Member

    I'm not sure if I can help.

    Given your past history with illness, you should probably get that checked out to rule anything out. At the very least it will help scatter the doubts. If the Dr's say it's nothing (or some disc issues or something) then it's the green light to skip the physio and TMS it.

    I mean, you did nothing to warrant those pains in those actions, so you know that once you've cleared of illness it's TMS.

    I read on one of these forums, and it makes sense to me, is that you never defeat TMS. There is never a point where it will never come back. It will come back if you let it. So a relapse is normal and even expected.
  3. Chris R

    Chris R New Member

    Thanks Some Guy, that's helpful.

    The problem with the doc is that they first prescribe p.t. which is a charade to go through at this point. Really I just want an MRI to be fully certain there's nothing medically wrong, but they may not do it unless I go through p.t. which will take months. I feel like they used to take the imaging first.

    I'm sure this is typical for people, which is frustrating because it delays that confidence you get knowing there's nothing medically wrong and and push that aside. I'm still revisiting TMS strategies, but having that extra full confidence is key.
  4. Some Guy

    Some Guy New Member

    I agree that getting that MRI is a big step to moving on. Saying that, Doctor's are usually very good at figuring out serious stuff pretty quickly. Also, if it is serious, the odds are that it will make itself obvious, and it won't go away and come back and go away again. If my gallblader exploded it's not going to feel pretty good most of the time, or in certain positions. Saying this, getting a second opinion from another GP may be another option. Good luck!

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