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Finished first week

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Kevin Barry, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Kevin Barry

    Kevin Barry Peer Supporter

    Just finished first week and starting on Day 8. Luckily I have been a believer since the first recovery video that I just happened to watch on YouTube. I am not sure why I accepted everything from the first but it just all seemed to come together for me all at once. It was like I had a flash all at once where I saw my past, present and future all at once. When I put it all together its fits perfectly like a puzzle. I am 68 years old and dealt with back issues for years. Looking back I am even amazed at my lower back history and all of the different periods I went through. You name it I did it. My symptoms were never debilitating until probable 3 - 4 months ago when I came down with a wicked sciatica pain that started in my left glute and ran down my leg on the outside settling in a pain just below my calf. The pain in the glute and the pain just below my calf were so intense that it got to be that I could hardly walk 100 meters before I had to sit down. When this started happening I started doing everything that I could think of to deal with the back. I went to a doctor who took and x-ray of my spine and said that I a have a degenerative condition and would just have to learn to live with it. I went to a pain clinic and a physiotherapy clinic and spent a lot of money in both places. I changed my exercise routing every way that you could think. I scoured the internet for every diagnosis I could come up with and would try to use the information to make the pain go away. And then one day in my YouTube feed was a video on someone who had been relieved of her sciatica/back problems using Dr. Sarno's method. I immediately got his first book on audible.com listened to it and that was it for me. I was a social worker before I retired and had knew everything that Dr. Sarno said was true but never really internalized it. But with my current condition it all just came together and that was it. Since first starting out my pain has not subsided but I have gotten a lot of relief and signs that it is really working. I also love the fact that I have dropped all my fixes, the medication, sleeping on the floor, not exercising, the stretching, cervical traction, back braces - everything and I am just focusing on the psychological and already feel a lot of relief internally on that front. I am doing the wiki program and I am now on my eight day as you can tell from putting a journal post together. It has be just a wonder to me and a real joy to be able to work on myself in this way and to have hope. Before I had hope and nothing worked. Today I have a lot of hope and it seems to working. From what I know of Dr. Sarno I can see that he was just a really, really good doctor who did not just follow the party line but was really interested in how to help people. His comes from years of him being dedicated. he did not just pull this stuff out of the air. He really used his mind, instinct, training, education to find out the truth about this incredible affliction that is right before our eyes but not many people saw it before him. Just an amazing beautiful story of a great use of human potential. And this wiki education is fantastic and I am very grateful for it and hope to add to it as time goes. Thank you all so much!
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Good first story, thank you for posting it, and congratulations on finishing Week 1 of the SEP!

    This week my goal is to remember to suggest to new members that they copy some of their first posts to their Profiles. That way you can look back later on at how far you've come, and compare your original insights to the new things that you will keep learning along the way.

    Keep up the good work!

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  3. Kevin Barry

    Kevin Barry Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely make good use of it!

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