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Film about Dr. Schubiner's treatment

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Kent B., Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Kent B.

    Kent B. New Member

    Hi Everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. I've been working on a film about TMS & mind-body symptoms that follows people as they undergo Dr. Schubiner's in-depth treatment, a program he built on Sarno's ideas. My co-director and Marion and I have been working on it for several years by emptying our savings accounts again and again— we've had almost zero institutional support. We're now asking for help from the Sarno / TMS / mind-body community — can you contribute so we can raise finishing funds? We'd be so grateful if you'd take a look at our crowdfunding campaign, contribute, and spread the word:

    https://igg.me/at/this-might-hurt/x/216797#/ (This Might Hurt film)

    I used to have chronic pain. When I was 22, I had arm pain that was so debilitating I couldn't type or even turn a door knob. I had to drop out of college. I saw a ton of doctors, got diagnosed with tendonitis, but physical therapy didn't work, opioids didn't work. Then I chanced upon Dr. John Sarno's book, the _Mindbody Prescription_, and was instantly convinced "Oh man, this is me. There is NOTHING wrong with my arms. It's my brain that's doing this." I knew this was my real diagnosis. And I was fortunate in that my pain was eliminated the next day. But then it bounced around my body, went to my shoulders, to my chest. It was a fascinating realization about the mind-body connection. I set off on a healing journey (which included making this film), and I've been free of pain for over a decade. I invite any of you to reach out to me—I'm curious to hear your stories.

    Our hope is this film will be a resource for people— to understand the mind-body connection as seen through the eyes of three brave people who went through Dr. Schubiner's radical mind-body program. It's a good film and I hope you'll support it!

    Take care,
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I just donated to support this film, folks. You can watch the trailer at the link that Kent posted. It's all about Dr. Schubiner's work and if you have any desire whatsoever to help spread the word, this is a tangible way in which you can do something. There are many levels of support you can provide.

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  3. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Here is an email that I sent to a mailing list of practitioners:
    Hi everyone,

    I am sure that many of you have heard about the documentary, This Might Hurt, by Kent Basset and Marion Cunningham. I met Kent about nine years ago and I remember the excitement we felt about the film them. The three patients that he follows are all patients of Dr. Schubiner's and the film focuses on Dr. Schubiner's approach to PPD.

    I have just finished watching a 50 minute extended preview, and I have to say that, even within the first five minutes my eyes were beginning to tear. The honesty and immediacy of the three PPD survivors really grabbed me. I felt connected to their suffering and invested in their success. The filmakers made it feel very 'real.'

    Unfortunately, as you know, making documentaries is expensive. An IndieGoGo campaign has been started to help finance the final production. I have contributed and hope that many others do as well. Perhaps even more helpful would be sharing this project within your social and professional networks, including Facebook, Instagram and mailing lists. ​
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  4. Rachael Claire

    Rachael Claire Newcomer

    Like Forest, I also got to watch the extended preview and man is it powerful! Especially since the youngest guy in the group, Tony, has the same diagnosis as I do. My mom and I watched the preview together and we’re eager to see how things play out for the group. The documentary is top notch, high quality and genuine. The people are people in pain, like many of us, who learn how to heal their brains and bodies and improve their quality of life. Please donate to the film if you can, it’s a great cause! Here’s the link for donations (and really cool perks) -
    https://igg.me/at/this-might-hurt/x/216797#/ (This Might Hurt film)
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  5. Kent B.

    Kent B. New Member

    Jan, Forest and Rachael: thank you so much for your support! We've always believed that the film will find an audience in the TMS community and that it has the potential to help a lot of people. So it's really meaningful to have this borne out. We've had 370 donors thus far and this support has also made distributors take notice. I want to share two quick updates:

    1) For the next 48 hours, two generous donors (from the TMS community!) have offered to match all donations up to $10,000! So all donations will be DOUBLED. So if anyone was considering donating or sharing the campaign, now would be a great time: https://igg.me/at/this-might-hurt/x/216797#/ (This Might Hurt film) We also added some new perks including coaching with Dr. David Clarke!

    2) My co-director Marion Cunningham and I were just interviewed on The Mind and Fitness Podcast where we got to talk about the origin story of our film, and also its journey so far. Would love it if folks listened: https://tinyurl.com/yy25qave

    Thanks so much!
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