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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by JacketSpud, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. JacketSpud

    JacketSpud Peer Supporter

    I have had great success healing my daily headache. It's taken 9 months so far and I still have regular flare ups but I'm still working through things and recently found a clinical psychologist with TMS experience, both personally and professionally. Yay!

    Anyway, I've had a lot of other pain over the past few years, as well as anxiety and depression, and after talking to a friend I realized I may have fibromyalgia. I looked it up and read about if, read about tender spots (similar to Sarnos spots, all of which I obviously have since I have TMS in the form of chronic headache) and what would you know, I have many of the fibro tender spots too. More than enough for a diagnosis. I also have almost every listed symptom.

    This is possibly the best news for me. Yes, the best!! I'm not completely nuts, bare with me. I know from reading Sarno that fibro is just TMS. That means all my pain and all my issues are likely TMS. I can work through TMS. I know this because I've done it with the chronic head pain. Almost all of these concerns I've seen doctors for over the past few years and no one could ever give me a diagnosis for the individual concerns. Well now I know why . ... It's because there's likely nothingn wrong with me that I can't cure myself! An hour ago I was despondent and now I just feel so much relief.

    And I haven't had a single headache in a week! Might not be that long a go but it was one headache that lasted one day and I knew I'd get it because I got it the exact same day 2 years ago! Long story but I knew it would come and I knew I was doing it, I just couldn't figure out how to. Nevertheless, so much better than a two year head ache like I had before I started on the TMS journey.
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  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Congratulations on your success! Yes, fibromyalgia is pure TMS and you can recover from it. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there.
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  3. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    I had a similar experience a few years ago. I was reading a book on tmj and the author noted that many tmj sufferers actually had fibromyalgia of which the jaw problems were but a symptom. I ticked all the boxes but I had recently discovered Sarno and I couldn't quite shake the feeling that he was right.

    My doctor had reluctantly lined up some tests (he considered fibromyalgia to be a made-up condition so in a sense we were approaching the same beast from different angles). I decided to forego the testing and took my first tentative steps down the tms path.

    I still have some of those pains and sore spots but I never focus on them, even when they rage, and they subside with time. Ditto migraines. I know exactly what they are and they rarely bother me.

    It is a huge relief to realise it is all tms.
    Keep on keeping on my dear.
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