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Day 10 feeling the TMS approach is right?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by lylylys, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. lylylys

    lylylys New Member

    Hello everyone, time to share something on this forum.

    One of today's questions was if I have any doubt about the TMS approach. Well, my answer is ambiguous. When I think intellectually it's crystal clear that TMS causes my symptoms (RSI pain and numbness in my right hand and forearm). I'm perfectionistic and quite some emotions that are difficult to deal with. However, my gut feeling is still not convinced that it is TMS. Do some of you know ways to Feel that the TMS diagnosis is right?
    I think that will help me very much in the right direction. When I am just relaxing and not using my right arm, the pain will go away after some time, but when I use it again, the pain comes back very quickly and I assume this is linked to the fact I do not feel complete sure about the TMS approach.

    I also find it very difficult to feel my emotions. I know that I have repressed many of my emotions (anger, fear, stress) a year long. And I know they are somewere in my unconscious. But when I try to feel them, when I am writing about difficult situations, I feel... Nothing. Like my heart was converted into a stone. Does someone know how to soften this?

    Lots of love, lylylys
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  2. MSZ812

    MSZ812 Well known member

    Have you read Dr. Sarno's books? I suggest buying the audiobook version of "Healing Back Pain". Sarno narrates the book himself, and it brought great comfort to me to hear his voice describing all of the knowledge about pain he had discovered through treating patients. I had a few "aha!" moments that made it click for me. I listen to it while driving and before bed. There are two hurdles: the intellectual and the emotional. Intellectually, TMS makes sense to you, how current stress, past events, and personality traits lead to physical symptoms. The second hurdle is the emotional one. What emotions am I repressing? Am I one of the few people who this won't help? "Feeling nothing" is often a result of depression. Keep at it. Your journal activities don't need to bring you to tears. They just need to be acknowledged, especially the emotions that trigger physical pain.

    - Matt

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