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Feeling lost with throat pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by unknownnicole, Mar 26, 2023.

  1. unknownnicole

    unknownnicole New Member

    I got over over my chronic back pain/sciatica in 2020 with TMS work, and I’ve had random symptom imperatives on and off since.

    This symptom has really gotten me though, and I’m feeling a bit defeated. I’ve had burning and a raspy throat on and off for about 18 months. I’ve been periodically treating it as TMS and it’s settled down and come back multiple times, but sometimes I’ve also just been trying to ignore it.

    I’m just feeling lost with this symptom. I’ve been told it’s from reflux and I sometimes get chest pain. I had a laryngoscopy about a year ago that was completely clear. I’ve also tried medication.

    I saw my old TMS coach recently and it was helpful, I’ve started to stop restricting what I’m eating after seeing him. But I guess I’m feeling so lost because this feels so different to typical TMS. The usual “it’s from the brain”/neural pathway talk just isn’t working for me because this is caused from acid reflux rather than something from the brain so it’s just kind of confusing me.

    I’m just wanting some help on how to think of this as TMS, when it doesn’t really seem like it’s a brain issue that most TMS experts refer to.
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  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have a fairly similar symptom, a cough that comes from the back of my throat. It’s related to scientific reflux, which is a symptom of anxiety.
    I suggest noting how you feel your anxiety levels are when you are symptomatic, and further explore your emotions and stress levels at these times with your tms work. Note how you are thinking about yourself, and if you are partaking in self care. Simple things we can let slide.
    I use medication at these times, and only one is helpful. I also eat an acid reducing diet, meditate and do the things I listed above. If you search this forum, you will find acid and silent reflux is common.
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