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Day 1 Feeling hopeful :)

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by JillJill, May 4, 2018.

  1. JillJill

    JillJill New Member

    Hi everyone!

    It was suggested 5 years ago that my symptoms “were all in my head”. For a while I was happy to accept that. But unfortunately, accepting the fact it was all psychosomatic didn’t help the symptoms go away. So I just got on with it really. However, I don’t work anymore. It’s been about a year since I don’t really feel fit enough to hold a job.

    My symptoms for over 5 years have been:

    • Episodes of excruciating tiredness (like the plug has been pulled out)
    • Throbbing/aching limbs
    • Weakness in my legs (5 years ago I felt I couldn’t walk at one point)
    • Very uncomfortable stiffness
    • Non-restorative sleep. I feel a wreck after 10 hours sleep.
    • Tearfulness is rarely far away when I feel tired.
    • Difficulty concentrating sometimes
    • Overwhelmed sometimes at multi-tasking or just general day-to-day tasks

    I have had all the tests possible to rule out any cause other than TMS. Although no doctor has ever talked to me of TMS and no doctor has ever given me a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. But I have moved around a lot and never been followed for long by the same medical professional.

    I came across the work of Dr Sarno recently. I decided I needed to stop drinking alcohol and a book I read The Naked Mind (Annie Grace) was based on the ideas of Dr Sarno with regard to the unconscious mind. I have been alcohol free now for 4 months. Cigarette free for 6 months and caffeine free now too thanks to this ‘unconscious mind’ approach to addiction.

    My physical symptoms have become worse since I have deprived my body of alcohol/nicotine and caffeine. This is a real bummer, I can tell you!!! One would expect to be feeling on top of the world. But I can see now that these substances masked my symptoms and/or the cause.

    I am hopeful about treating myself using this program. I have the personality profile which suggests I suffer from TMS and I have noticed a very strong link between the severity of my symptoms and emotional upset.

    So here’s to Day One! I’m also going to be doing the mindfulness meditation course found in the book Mindfulness (Williams and Penman) as I go along.

    Thank you for reading the beginning to my story and I wish everyone else here all the very best in their own recovery.
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  2. kjulia

    kjulia New Member

    I also discovered Dr. Sarno thanks to Annie Grace!
  3. KevinB

    KevinB Well known member

    Good luck!!!! This program rules.
  4. JillJill

    JillJill New Member

    Thanks Kevin :)!
  5. time4change

    time4change New Member

    I, too, just finished "The Naked Mind"! I haven't stopped drinking yet, but I have cut down and have become more aware of the hold it has on me. Much of the time I was just using it to numb my chronic TMS back pain, and I knew deep down this was not the way to go... Keep at this process and GOOD LUCK! I've seen an improvement already in just a week. I'm very hopeful.

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