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Eye twitch

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by DVX, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. DVX

    DVX New Member


    I just found i had TMS and found TMSwiki so helpful. I realised i had TMS by finding this site by accident. I had a lot of symptoms stating in my teen and always healed when i stopped fearing them and start living again. Some symptoms lasted for years, had all the tests done and doctor found nothing wrong. The more i tried to fix the symptoms and obsess on it, the worst it became. Those symptoms come back sometimes (when i live something emotional) but since i don't fear them and know what they are, they fade away quickly!

    My struggle happen when a new symptom arise. Three months ago, my left upper eyelid started to twitch a couple times a day. It stress me a little but decided to not give it attention. Some older symptoms arise to during that time but like i said, didn't give them power so they faded away. After 2 months of upper eyelid twitching, i started to fear it a little bit and made the mistake to ask the help of Doctor Google! The distration was in place! It had my attention! Then the pattern was in place, i started to obsess about it and enter the train of thought. What if something was wrong etc. Then i realised that my right eyebrow was twitching to when i blink really hard. I was now expecting to twitch when i blink, or sneeze and guess what, each time i twitched.

    I realised what i was doing and found the TMSwiki and realised it was another distraction from my emotions. Each year before christmas i experience a symptom. The fact it was a new one really scared me this time. I decided to stop monitoring the twitches and go on with my life. It was less and less and since i didn't worry about it, i was winning! Two days before the holidays, i twitched only once but it was because i tested to see if it was still there. I caught myself monitoring it and laughed about it. Last day of work and my lower eye lid started to twitched too. Now i was scared! And the cycle begins again! Fear, obsession etc.

    Now i have an appointment to see my doctor but i feel it is not the good thing to do. I know nothing is wrong with me and i feel that i reinforce the idea that something is wrong with me by going to see the doctor. Just want to have your opinion on it. First time in my life i write a message in a support group, but i feel that just writing this message made me see clearer!

    P.S Sorry for my english

    Thanks a lot
  2. DVX

    DVX New Member

    I realised that seeking reassurance is another way to distract me from my emotion. It keeps the fear alive. Last night, my eye was twitching non stop, so i went in a room closed my eyes and ask myself what i was feeling. The twitching stoped after that. If i start to monitor the twitching it come back. What you resist persist. I really start to feel 100% sure that i have TMS and i feel it is an important step. Really feeling confident
  3. LaRubia

    LaRubia Peer Supporter

    Hello I’m curious the outcome. I have been experiencing the same thing. I believe it’s a distraction in my case.

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