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Eye related issues + doc appt

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lelewis, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. lelewis

    lelewis Newcomer

    Hi All!

    I wanted some thoughts on this as a new TMS person:

    In May, I wanted to have Lasik but went online to freak myself out with horror stories (depression, severe dry eyes, even suicide from getting it done) So of course, I decided to HOLD off for now!

    In June I came home and as you can imagine I'm more aware of my eyes, almost checking in to see if they are dry etc. and I have contacts so that adds to the awareness (ha)

    My eye was a bit pink not even red and thus being worried more than usual. I get home and get checked by a random eye doc who puts me right away on a steroid eye drop. The following two days I start to have pressure on my right eyelid then my vision seemed off and blurry and dizzy. I stopped the steroid and called the clinic again.

    Then I saw the next doc and she said okay keep on the steroid but also an allergy drop. THEN it gets even more crazy, I'm light sensitive and my eye has more pressure and at this point I get into a top new cornea specialist and she basically (I can tell) thinks nothing is wrong and if there is dizziness and head stuff that I should go to my primary care.

    At that point, I decide to go to my primary care and she put me on an antibiotic for maybe sinus pressure and the pain went away for a day (placebo effect probably- again ha but I still can't register why I have any bothersome sensation and pain).

    Finally! I think freak myself out that night with the pressure coming back and we end up in the ER with a CT scan (crazy I know).

    My parents all along said this must be emotional and with the lasik and knowing I might get engaged etc. ANYWAY, I still have this weird symptoms - I saw another cornea specialist, who had been there for years. He said everything looks fine, to put my contacts in and that my eyes look great. He has read all these past notes and clearly I believe he knew it was in my head without telling me it was in my head. This was before I knew about TMS.

    Anyway, So NOW, I'm fine for a day again! I'm adamant that I still have something wrong so when I get back to Phoenix and I go to Mayo because I think something is severely wrong. You have to see the optometrist before the ophthalmologist.

    The Mayo optometrist since I tell him my symptoms are horrid etc. just diagnoses me based on my symptoms (I don't even really remember him looking at my eyes) and tells me I potentially have all these diseases and to take a steroid again and then also to not wear contacts. So now up and down I have pain based on how I feel.

    I go back on Monday and I need to let him know that I think this is all anxiety based but I also want to make sure nothing is wrong. (the ying and yang of it all).

    I'm 90% sure it is TMS and internal but I need that confirmation from that doctor so I can wear my contacts, and move on with my life.

    I want to go to the appointment to be done and accept it is mental and move on and MAKE sure it isn't something but I don't want to it to cause any more problems. Any suggestions on what I'm experiencing and getting checked?

    It is very tricky as obviously the symptoms feel real, but if real why would they change and eb and flow and also a lot of TMS is back pain so it is hard to find a lot on eyes.

    Thanks for listening and would love any feedback

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