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Eye problems and TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Suisei, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Suisei

    Suisei Peer Supporter

    A few years ago I had ' pressure in the head ' symptoms (head pain, tinnitus and eye pain . Also optic nerve swelling ) and that caused Double vision. I think my PCOS was to blame for this since high testosterone levels can cause this. They recommended me to get an MRI but I did that about a year later. The swelling went down but my double vision has stayed. No tumor was found and MRI was normal . If they pressure had continued after they would have let me get a spinal tap to reduce the pressure . Anyway , the pseudo tumor went away just the problem is now is my eyes . The double vision is still here and I still have occasional dizziness. I am seeing an opthamologist in November . My optometrist did check my eyes but everything was normal and no damage was found. I'm not sure if this is TMS or not but I have been looking into Mier Schnieder's book ( a man that was legally blind and did bates method when eye surgeries didn't help) . I have been extremely worried about my double vision and want it to go away since I enjoy reading, drawing ect. I want to avoid lasik if possible since I heard that could cause complications or make symptoms worse. Just I keep getting severely anxious about this. I hope I don't have brain damage or anything but the mri was ok. I want to get better.

    Also since the bates method has eye exercises wouldnt that not help the problem if this is TMS? Gah I have no idea what to do. Any thoughts?
  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    You've been checked out and the white-coats found nothing serious amiss structurally, you are safe to pursue the TMS route--(bare in mind that I'm a tennis player and NOT a doc). ANXIETY is a TMS affective equivalent--TMS doing it's job distracting you with a protective psychological defense mechanism.

    The Bates method and Meir Schnieder's methodologies would be good, non-invasive, TMS complementary, remedies to pursue--the eyes are the portals to the mind. They reverse everything, turning them upside down--this is probably where TMS gets it's foothold into the the sub-C.

    There's another vision/VISION guru in the Bates lineage that is good too, Roberto Kaplan, he's written books and does world wide lecturing and consulting on eye issues :


    • The Power Behind Your Eyes
    Improving Your Eyesight with Integrated Vision Therapy
    By (Author) Robert-Michael Kaplan, O.D.
    Availability: In stock

    Pages : 192

    Book Size : 8 x 10

    ISBN-13 : 9780892815364

    Imprint : Healing Arts Press

    On Sale Date : October 01, 1995

    Format : Paperback Book

    Illustrations : 23 b&w illustrations

    Dr. Kaplan addresses eyesight problems from a holistic and psychospiritual perspective, empowering readers to begin a self-healing journey.
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  3. gx92

    gx92 Peer Supporter

    Hi Tom, i have so much trouble recently with my eyes, strain and tension and so on, but if i try bates Method or kaplan, your doing some excercises but isnt this like Phiscaltherapie? Im helpless because my eyes dont work good together anymore and thats why so much tension. But idk what to do

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