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Eye doctors that specialize in TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by laneinpain, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. laneinpain

    laneinpain New Member


    I am wondering if anyone has encountered/knows of any optometrists or ophthalmologists that specialize in (or at least know about) TMS? I have been struggling with incredibly challenging eye pain (including severe dry eyes and chronic inflammation) ever since I got PRK vision correction surgery about four years ago. I am finally pursuing help from ophthalmologists (it took me so long because I was so ashamed about experiencing pain as a result of a medically-unnecessary surgery), but so far nothing has helped.

    I'm interested in seeing an eye doctor that specializes in TMS because I think elements of my eye pain are implicative of TMS, but I haven't gone far enough down the medical route to rule out something structural. (Or maybe I have, I don't know?) Maybe a general physician that specializes in TMS could help, but it would be great to see someone with specific knowledge of eye conditions.

    Thank you so much for any leads.
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