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Essential (and vintage!) Sarno resource

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mbo, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. mbo

    mbo Well known member

  2. jimmylaw9

    jimmylaw9 Peer Supporter

    Been hunting for this for ages cheers
  3. Kellso

    Kellso New Member

    This is fabulous. Thank you @mbo for uploading.

    There is something about Sarno's voice. It has a healing property. Like he genuinely cares. His conviction, authority and presence (for a petite man!) Are something to behold. I can see why people literally walked out of his office cured.

    Is there somewhere I can get hold of the daily workbook he speaks about?
  4. jimmylaw9

    jimmylaw9 Peer Supporter

    https://www.morrisonhealth.com/sarno-method-psychosomatic-symptoms/ (The Sarno Method for psychosomatic symptoms | Morrison Health)

    they list the essential things to do here
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