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Eric Andre

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by dharn999, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. dharn999

    dharn999 Well known member

    Not sure if anyone here is familiar with him, he’s a comedian/actor/shock value entertainer. His stuff is not for everyone, (seriously) but I like his style of comedy and always find anything he says interesting.

    Anyway, I was looking for something to listen to the other day while working out and found he was on a NPR podcast about mental health, gave it a listen and he mentioned how his journey of mental health started with Dr. Sarno and reading Healing back pain. He then explained the process of how he healed his back pain and several other symptoms. Just found it refreshing to hear people mention TMS on big platforms
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    OMG LOVE Eric Andre! My sons turned me onto him a few years back and he is always a 'pick me upper' if I need a laugh. I especially love his complete disregard for his own personal safety.... those are not 'set up' gags and I have seen irate victims of his humor get really pissed and physical.

    That would explain his lack of concern regarding his own person.... I am sort of like that too. After reading Sarno I would go out of my way to do peculiar physical tasks if only to debunk the idea that there was anything wrong with me

  3. dharn999

    dharn999 Well known member

    His brand of comedy is definitely something different. His interview on Larry King was pretty interesting because King had no idea what to ask after about 5 minutes in. Erics show is good because its the anti talk show of talk shows and a lot of guests have no idea that his goal is to make things as uncomfortable as possible.

    This interview he gave on this podcast was interesting because it really sounds like he discovered Sarno on his own and was able to put a lot of his physical symptoms together quickly, he talks about his father being non present in his up bringing and what that does to the unconscious mind, as well as explains to the woman who is interviewing him that her personality fits the "goodist" personality that many people who suffer from TMS have. its at the 17:15 mark that he starts to talk about his discovery of Sarno

    (WARNING: He is very explicit in his language and subjects he talks about, so if you are not aware of who he is, he has no filter and talks about things that are not for all people)

  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    That was really fascinating. I have never before heard Eric Andre even remotely being serious.
    It is also interesting that I was instantly a fan of his from the first ...

    THAT could go on my headstone when I die. According to my brother and other people who know me well, I am guilty of the same sin. I HAD a bad habit of blurting out whatever I think without pause. Now that I repress it consciously, I can feel a little war going on inside of me. God Bless Eric Andre'.
  5. jitterping

    jitterping New Member

    that's so cool! thanks for sharing. what podcast was that on?
  6. InfinityLines

    InfinityLines New Member

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