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Encouraging conversation, re-enforcing my TMS recovery

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by rmorrisette, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. rmorrisette

    rmorrisette New Member

    I just wanted to share a conversation I had a several months ago with a friend who is neurologist physician. He is a friend, an I actually respect him a lot, and he was talking to me about my back pain. And I remember him telling me what others had, well meaning doctors and friends, that I really should back off running if I had back pain, maybe only run a couple miles a few times a week. But I'm remembering now that I've learned about TMS, he asked me once "Does it hurt when you run?" And I responded honestly, that at first it did a little bit sometimes, but almost always within a mile or more, after I had broken a decent sweat, the it pretty much never hurt the rest of the way. And even though my friend is a neurologist and I think he's brilliant, he told me he didn't really understand why it would not hurt once I was running. He said his guess was that endorphins were making me feel good so I just didn't feel the pain when I was running. But thinking about that now, I can tell y'all I've had a "runner's high" a few times from running longer distances, but not a lot. And if the pain or problem was really structural, and really serious, I just don't see how the pain would go away from actually running? And this is in addition to my own primary care physician, when I first told her about the pain, and even after an MRI, literally told me to keep running. She told me it was not going to injure me, and was actually good for getting rid of the pain. She also encouraged me when I told her I was following TMS recovery, and was going to forego a steroid injection. All of this is clicking with me more and more, and it's encouraging, and I thought it might encourage some of y'all too.
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