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EFT and Your Emotional Guidance Scale

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Do You Know Where Your Emotional Set Point Is?

    Learn How to Increase Your Vibration with EFT!

    "In your moving yourself up the Emotional Scale, your business will begin to prosper in new and profound ways! Your business, your relationships, your finances cannot grow beyond your emotional response—nothing can grow beyond your emotional response. Everything matches your Set-point of emotions on every subject that exists" ~ Abraham, Live Workshop Tampa 2003/12/06
    8 Important Points About the Emotional Guidance Scale, EFT and Law of Attraction.
    EFT and the Emotional Guidance Scale, from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks on the Law of Attraction, go together just like bees and honey!
    Here are 8 points that will help you work more effectively with EFT and the Emotional Guidance Scale. Plus some great tips on how to raise your vibration with EFT tapping!
    1) Emotions are just information. Even though we refer to emotions or feelings as being negative or positive, emotions are really just information -- Ongoing feedback about our general mood or in energetic terms, an indication of our vibration.
    "...emotions are really just information -- Ongoing feedback about our general mood or in energetic terms, an indication of our vibration."
    2) Emotions are part of an effective built-in human guidance system.
    When we experience emotions that do not feel good, it simply means that we are not in-line with our ‘true’ or ‘higher’ self. The part of us that lives at the top of the guidance scale in joy, love and self empowerment. The part that embraces the basic spiritual truths; we are worthy, we are deserving, we are loveable, loved, loving, we are brilliant, we are eternal beings etc.
    3) A negative emotion lets us know that we have something to discover and tap on. When we are emotionally ‘off’, we can get back ‘in-line’ with our higher self or inner being by tapping on that emotion and/or by discovering and tapping on the stressful thoughts, limiting beliefs or stories we have going on in our mind.
    4) Our inner being thrives when we increase our vibration by soothing our self and moving up the emotional or vibrational scale, instead of trying to eliminate or suppress the uncomfortable emotions. We can tap on feelings such as; anger, anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, sadness, shame, fear, blame etc. as well as all of the thoughts and beliefs that accompany the negative emotions. EFT is a great tool to help improve our mood and quell our 'sticking thinking', so we can move up the vibrational scale and increase our vibration!
    5) We all have an emotional or vibrational set point. As we experience different moods or feelings throughout the day, we travel up and down the emotional scale. Even though we're always moving on this scale, all of us have an Emotional Set Point. This is the median or middle point of our daily emotional highs and lows.
    "Someone who generally moves between rage and contentment would have an emotional set point somewhere around worry, doubt or disappointment."
    Here’s an example;
    Someone who generally moves between rage and contentment would have an emotional set point somewhere around worry, doubt or disappointment. This would be their general energetic disposition, mood or vibration. Other people who know them, would have an unconscious sense about this person's overall vibration or set point. 'Debbie the doubter and worrier'. I think we've probably all known someone like this! ;)
    6) Our set point is also how we attract 'like' people into our lives. The close friends and love partners in our life usually have similar vibrations to ours, or are at least with-in range of where we are. Someone who has a set point around blame and resentment is not a likely match for a person who's set point is in the range of, contentment and hopefulness. When we make a permanent shift upwards, vibrationally, a vibrational mismatch or discord can be felt between us and others who have not shifted.
    Sometimes, especially with close relationships, we'd like others to change too. If they don't, the relationship will change or may even come to an end. This is a possible reason for marriage breakups. One partner says to the other... "I don't know you anymore, you've changed. You are different from when we first met." While one stays about the same, the other's vibration has increased and their set point has moved up the scale. This happens when one half of a couple seeks counseling and/or has become more enlightened, and the other has not.
    7) Quantum leaps in vibration don’t stick around. It is difficult to ‘quantum leap’ or jump our emotional set point to a spot much higher on the scale and stay there long term. Instead, we are better off making smaller shifts/moves, or ‘baby steps’. Although, not as exciting as the quantum leap, this incremental approach is more likely to produce long lasting, permanent results.
    We can make progress simply by becoming more aware of and tapping on the individual feelings or moods that we have on a daily basis and learn to shift or transform them. This is why it is so important to do EFT tapping at the time something emotionally and/or mentally stressful comes up.
    "By tapping on these stressful thoughts, we can then reach for better feeling thoughts and emotions and move ourselves up the scale."
    By noticing a negative mood or emotion and tapping on it, we can become more aware of our thoughts or beliefs that may be behind it. By tapping on these stressful thoughts, we can then reach for better feeling thoughts and emotions and move ourselves up the scale. The goal with this EFT tapping approach is not necessarily to get the intensity to 'zero' on the SUD's scale - it is to feel a shift or relief mentally, emotionally and therefore, vibrationally!
    Here's an example of using EFT shift our vibration incrementally. If we’re worried because a family member, who's expected home, is running late - it’s a lot easier to move to irritation before jumping *all* the way up to belief or positive expectation that they’ll get home safely. It’s just too big of a leap and we’ll probably drop back down to worry, or maybe even lower on the scale like becoming fearful and scared!
    It generally feels much more natural, if we get mad at them first. "That so-and-so, I am so angry that they didn't call." (tap, tap, tap)Then, we'll likely soften up to irritation, then neutral, "This is silly. I'm tired of stressing out and its getting boring thinking about this." (tap, tap, tap) - and then become a little more hopeful about the situation, "Oh they're probably okay, it's not like they've never done this before." (tap, tap, tap) - then finally, positive expectation, "I'm just going to read a bit in bed and wait. They'll be home soon". Wow, I can actually feel the relief as I write this in smaller increments or emotional 'baby steps'. How about you? Did you get a sense of relief?
    As we work on dealing with and tapping on one emotion and/or stressful thought at a time, our set point will gradually move up. The more we get into the habit of doing this, the faster change will happen. Then, in a few months or even weeks, the upwards shift in our set point begins to reflect in our outer world. New opportunities, careers, relationships, people, improved health, resources and abundance will start to come our way because our vibration has increased! So, by using the Emotional Freedom Techniques to shift any stressful emotions and limiting beliefs, we really can change our life! To me, this *is* the Secret behind the Secret Movie!
    8) How to find your current emotional set point. Refer to the emotional scale above and find the emotions you swing up to and down to on a regular basis (not just once in a while). Your set point will be somewhere around the middle. Make a note of this in an EFT journal for future reference, so you can look back and smile. :)
    You can even figure this out for a particular subject like money and financial abundance. It can be different from your general or overall set point. If it's low on the scale, then you’d likely benefit from discovering and using EFT on any of the stressful emotions, limiting beliefs and negative stories that you have around money, debt and financial abundance. Want more financial abundance in your life, or for that matter, any other kind of abundance i.e. health, career, love or relationships? - Then, raise your vibration with EFT!
    EFT Emotional Guidance Scale.

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