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Ear pain , inflammation, itchy tms?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by NameK, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    And it feels like a never ending cycle too one minute I'm worried about my tinnitus the next day im worried about my ear pain/sinuses being all dry and sore. Once I stop worrying about one thing another pops up.

    Seeing my therapist is expensive but it certainly helps and it's worth it. What are your thoughts on acupuncture? I know pshyio isnt really much help but I've never tried it.
  2. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    That's why you need to work toward ending the cycle. Again, I've been there myself and know all too well what it's like.

    As far as acupuncture goes, I would recommend focusing on something else like cognitive behavioral therapy. It is critical that you work with a therapist who does more than just talk about childhood struggles, relationship issues, etc. Find someone who helps implement strategies that help you change your thoughts, routine, and habits. You'll be OK, man. You just need to use your energy for something that helps you get out of the rut.

    I know your current therapist has helped you in the past, and I'm not telling you to get rid of her. But I recall you saying she used to be a paramedic and often talks you down when you think you're dealing with a medical issue like floxing. You need to make it clear to her that you need help with reassurance seeking. I'm not diagnosing you with OCD because I'm not a therapist, I don't know you personally, and it's ultimately none of my business, but I think many of us on these forums have obsessive compulsive traits, including reassurance seeking when it comes to our health. I believe the information below applies to more than just OCD:

    Article: https://www.verywellmind.com/excessive-reassurance-seeking-2510549 (Why OCD Reassurance Is Actually Harmful)


    My therapist was an expert in the medical field and often gave me a great deal of reassurance when I thought I had neuropathy, permanent antidepressant withdrawal, etc. I'd walk away from the appointments feeling incredible... until the anxiety just came back a few days later. Please talk to your therapist about reassurance seeking and ask her instead to help you develop strategies to combat these obsessive thoughts about health. It is 100% possible to get out of this rut.

    There's an endless list of conditions and symptoms out there - you don't want to spend your life going through every single one of them. Especially given the mind-body connection and how stress creates an infinite number of symptoms.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  3. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Yes it's a waste of engery that could be spend idk living and enjoying life.

    I have talked go her about it and she has told me the steps I need to do in order to combat it.

    My issue for the past couple of months as been i havent been seeing her as much as I should be due to financial reasons so that probably doesnt help. And I did ask her if we can do some cbt as it has helped me in the past.

    I think that's what my older therapists taught me bit I'm not really sure but whatever they did helped thats for sure.

    I also stumbled a thread you commented on about sinuses and how stress can cause symptoms of a sinus cold but no cold being present. I think that's the case for me as my sinuses has been super dry. ( no mucus but alittle blood)

    So I dont rhink I have an infection or cold and same with my ear I probably still get twinges of ear pain not because its infected but probably because of a mindbody connection and how focused I am on it.
  4. david_gamble

    david_gamble Newcomer

    Please don't rely on google's advice as most of the time the advice is written by non-experienced persons. I had a bad experience with the same. I googled the symptoms and took the wrong medication. Kindly follow the advice of doctors. Organ's like ears and eyes are very sensitive, a normal seeing infection could become detrimental in the absence of effective treatment.
  5. Patrisia

    Patrisia Peer Supporter

    Ear problems! That's something I could write a book about. Ringing in the ears, weird ringing only in one ear, itchy ears, clogged ears, pain in the ears. Name it, I have it! Or more like - I had it! I panicked, I felt anxiety - do I have infection?/is the earwax clogging it? I felt trapped like there is no escape. Panic, panic, panic! After having my ears flushed and still feeling the same way I decided it's TMS. And until this day I perceive it that way. The panic went away, the symptoms too. I very occasionally think about my ears when I feel a slight itch. And that's it.

    I told myself that the ear infection would always go away on its own (if there is one) and the ear gets rid of ear wax on its own at night. The body knows how to keep itself healthy as long as the mind is at peace.
  6. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    I really need to learn how to think like this for me most of my other pshyical symptoms dont really bother me anymore because I dont think about them

    While with my tinnitus it's gotten louder over the last year or so( probably due to stress and constant fear and worry about it and it's mainly in my right ear to the point where its difficult for me to ignore as it gets louder when my ear is in my pillow and I can hear it while I'm driving at times but sometimes during the day I dont notice it. I still use my gaming headset and headphones despite what fear mongering people on those "sites" saying DONT USE HEADPHONES IT WILL MAKE IT WORSE!!! Intially I stopped because of how scared I was but as long as I'm mindful of the volume and it's not max volume I dont see how it could possibly damage my hearing.

    My doctor didnt think I needed to be sent to a ent or an audiologist for a hearing test because she believes that my hearing is fine based on my age (25) and she so said my earwax was fine and that I didnt have an ear infection so I should stop using the antibiotics that a walk in clinic gave me

    (I stopped going to walk ins due t them over prescribing antibiotics I got 2 courses one of bactrim and one of doxycycline for a supposed prostate infection which I know thanks to the urologist was stress aka tms.
  7. Wendyc

    Wendyc Peer Supporter

  8. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Considering I recently had a hearing test done and it came back fine I'm gonna assume my ear issues are likely tms.

    I did also have a ear wax build up which was causing me to have tinnitus in my left ear and I couldnt hear as well.

    But once it was removed it lessened or has improved over time.

    I still have tinnitus but since going to the audiologist and now knowing I dont have any hearing loss that my tinnitus is also tms or from stress and anxiety.

    So I'm just trying to ignore it as it doesnt bother me as much
  9. Kati

    Kati New Member

    Regarding itchy ears as TMS, my dad developed very inflamed/itchy ear canals after a stressful move a few years ago. He wasn't really happy in the area they moved to. He had to have monthly appointments at the ENT office to get his ears cleaned. They would pull out lots of dried skin, etc. and he never got a clear diagnosis about what it was or what was causing it. The ENT was stumped.
    My parents moved again after that, to the area where they grew up. Being back to the place he loved, his ear itchiness gradually went away. He hasn't had an ENT appointment in years. The whole thing had to have been stress-induced.
    My dad being my dad, he didn't really obsess about it, although the itchiness did annoy him at times. Thankfully for him, he doesn't really have a TMS, high anxiety personality. He certainly doesn't catastrophize physical sensations like I've been know to do. I think his story illustrates though that mindbody symptoms can and will happen to anyone under stressful circumstances. Oh, and that ear itchiness can definitely be TMS.
    As a side note, when I'm under higher stress than usual, the entrance to my ear canals will itch at times. It switches from the left ear to the right, no rhyme or reason, classic TMS. Funny thing is, I never had itchy ears until observing my dad going through his ordeal. :rolleyes: The suggestibility of TMS...
  10. Tms_joe

    Tms_joe Well known member

    Fiery, red ears were a TMS symptom I dealt with, along with rosacea. That was when it spread. It still pops up once in a blue moon in a mild way.

    The craving for certainty will lock you into TMS for the rest of your waking life. Read that 3x. It’s not debatable. If you allow that craving to remain you do not get better.

    Acceptance of reality and recognition of your mind’s methods of not dealing with it is the way out. Face emotions and situations.

    A little more encouragement. This doctor and most of them KNOW the answer to your symptoms as well as you know the meaning of life. You may even be able to fake it better than the dr. There’s no reassurance there.

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