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Dry eyes and blepharitis

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eire777, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Eire777

    Eire777 Newcomer

    Hey, for the past 6 months I’ve had dry eyes and blepharitis been to multiple eye doctors that have diagnosed me with blepharitis which results in dry eyes. I’ve followed everything they said to do such as lid scrubs, warm compress and eye drops and they haven’t helped at all. I’m having panic attacks regularly and feeling like my life is over that I can’t return to normal.

    I had to finish my college course online and with dry eyes that was extremely stressful. What I find frustrating with the doctors is that they haven’t specifically identified a cause as to why this is happening. I’ve had a treatment called blephex and this is suppose to get rid of blepharitis for at least a month and mine came back after a couple of days I was also really stressed getting that treatment.

    I definitely understand that my Dry eyes and blepharitis could be TMS but when your eyes are swollen and red and I have flakes in my eyelashes it’s hard to just not do anything. Would the best thing to do be to use an eyelid scrub twice a day than avoid thinking about it? I also constantly think about it always looking in the mirror.

  2. Eire777

    Eire777 Newcomer

    Anyone experience blepharitis and it was TMS trying my best to improve my mental health and remove stress but it’s not going away
  3. BagelSchnitzel

    BagelSchnitzel Peer Supporter

    I've had TMS related eye symptoms on and off for years. The best thing that helped me was the bates method, especially regularly looking at things in the distance which relaxes the close up eye muscles which I was overusing due to being an IT Manager and have a passion for gaming. Reduce your time looking at screens if you can, especially phones as your eyes have to work harder when starting at small text on a small screen. Use Blue light filtering, I just use a free bit of Software on my laptop called F.lux.
  4. nowa minarden

    nowa minarden New Member

    i have also had blepharitis for years, and find that bathing them with himalayan salt in hot water 4 times a day helps a lot... I know this is contra tms but I still do it.
  5. BagelSchnitzel

    BagelSchnitzel Peer Supporter

    Wow that seems kind of excessive?
  6. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes, I did.

    Imo, yes - do the routine and avoid thinking about it/dwelling on it. That's what I did. As with TMS pain, other TMS symptoms are also very real (it's just that the brain is causing them rather than there being a structural abnormality). As you will know, with blepharitis it's usually that the meibomian glands, situated along the eyelid margins, get plugged with the oil that the glands produce to mix with the tear film to stop the tear film from evaporating.

    Twice a day (initially for 2 weeks, three times a day) I used warm compresses (I used this no fuss eye bag type of compress that you just heat in the microwave https://www.amazon.co.uk/EyeBag®-Wa...s=blepharitis+compress&qid=1595586895&sr=8-56) and cleaned along my eyelid margins with cotton buds (Q tips) dipped in plain boiled water (in the early days I added a teeny weeny bit of baby shampoo to the water but I now think that the baby shampoo was probably not really necessary, and commercial eyelid scrub solutions just irritated my eyelids and made things worse). I also used Celluvisc 1% eyedrops (active ingredient carmellose sodium, a lubricant) especially before bed at night; all other eye drops I tried did not work (nor did the 0.5% version of Celluvisc) or irritated or inflamed my eyes...it's 'horses for courses' of course - what is soothing for one person can irritate someone else.

    After about a year (now over two years ago) my blepharitis stopped; the symptoms very gradually got better and I was able to gradually reduced the warm compresses, eyelid margins cleaning and eye drops...And the reason I believe my blepharitis was a symptom of TMS is because it stopped, whereas the eye specialist/consultant I saw (at a specialist eye hospital) who diagnosed my blepharitis told me that it (my blepharitis) was due to my age (late 5os/now early 60s, and meibomian gland oil tends thicken with age) and it would therefore be extremely unlikely to clear up without 'maintenance' (regular eyelid margins cleaning etc).
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2020
  7. Isabella

    Isabella Newcomer

    About two months ago I start spending much more time on my laptop, because of work and lockdown. My eyes was red, dry and tired. It takes some time to concentrate on the screen, although I use glasses for working on laptop with special glass. I visit my doctor and she recommended me treatment as tear drops and vision formula. And you know it works. She also said that I need to make more breaks during my work on laptop of course. Btw vitamin formula I found here https://www.vitaminexpress.org/uk/ (Vitamin Shop: Buy Vitamins and Supplements at VitaminExpress).
  8. michael1234

    michael1234 New Member

    @Eire777 I have the same thing, I wouldn't listen to these folks above, especially if you've already tried it. I'm almost positive its TMS, when I'm in a good mood, it doesn't bother me nearly at all. I'm still struggling. I know what your'e talking about when you say "I feel like my life is over", but that's just the sneaky serpent inside of you and me trying to get you down and obsessive.
  9. Amina.84

    Amina.84 Peer Supporter

    Hi. How are your eyes now please? I have the same problem. Hope to have an answer. Thanks you
  10. Nana91

    Nana91 Newcomer

    Hi Mickael. Do you have any update about your blepharitis please? It will be very apreciable.
  11. michael1234

    michael1234 New Member

    I don’t have much of an update. Except now I know that the condition is highly correlated to my emotions. I started a very helpful therapy that in part helps me to be mindful of my emotions and this is helping tremendously. In TMS parlance, I am learning to “think psychologically”. I suggest a mindfulness-based therapy to all. When you think “your life is over” and you feel upset you need to notice that and sit with that feeling of upsetness for a few minutes instead of hating it and invalidating it, which causes further inner turmoil. Validating your feelings and welcoming them is a healthier path and when you start doing so you achieve more clarity and with more clarity you can decide what to do to relax your mind and body. Let me know if you want to hear more about this.
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