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Day 4 Drs.Opinion

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by PattiAnn2763, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. PattiAnn2763

    PattiAnn2763 Newcomer

    I had issues with my foot most of my life & i would tell my Dr. & she would say ..age is the factor...i was only in my 40's so that was hard to believe..i pondered it for awhile but it didn't make sense..my Dr. said that she has the pain too! I finally came to the conclusion that it had to be something more & went to a foot dr..& ended up getting surgery because he said it was arthritis that ate away at my joint, so i had joint replaced & that didn't turn out well.
    So i finally just had the joint fused. I wish ive known about TMS because i believe i could have gone without the surgery.
    I will say ive never given up hope and that is why I found Dr. Sarno's. My pain moves around now but it's getting better
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  2. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    May I ask which joint? In my 30's, x-rays showed a bulbous mass on my left 2nd metatarsal joint. The joint was 'dead'. It was labeled as Freiberg Disease, and I had two surgeries. One to shave the excess growth off, which they hoped would solve the problem. It did not. The 2nd surgery was a replacement. It was not the most ... successful surgery, but it was better than the original pain. Ten years later while living in Alaska, I was in agony. An orthopedic surgeon who avoided surgeries when he could took a long look at the situation. My long bones had stress fractures from compensating, which threw my inner ankle into a 'tendonosis' situation. He spoke plainly (and I quote): "You are screwed." After the silence of that, he continued with his recommendations. He advised seeking any and all 'alternative' interventions. He told me that fusing the joint would not be in my best interest at all. He also said I could probably go another five years, at least.

    That was sixteen years ago. Yoga was one of my 'alternative' methods. I still have to take extra care with it and not let it get overheated (it will swell and compress which is excruciating), but otherwise, so long as I wear shoes that give it room, it is hanging in there just fine.

    That you have not given up hope is wonderful! Telling your story, in itself, is a powerful inspiration. Thank you for sharing ^_^

    ... with Love and Gratitude
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  3. PattiAnn2763

    PattiAnn2763 Newcomer

    Hi Lily Rose(Beautiful name) Its actually my Big toe joint on my Left foot. The joint replacement left so much scar tissue i was not able to bend my toe. So my only other option would have been to fuse the bones together. So thats what I decided to do. Although i don't have the pain anymore, I now do not have the mobility of bending my toe to do things like yoga:( Really wish i would have known Dr. Sarno's before I did the surgery. I also believe in tissue regeneration with the right nutrients. So i will continue to do this program & i already feel a difference in my pain level. I have arthritis & it moves around but its improving. Good Luck to you!!Im so glad u didn't get the surgery! Thanks for sharing your story:)
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
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  4. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sweet Patti, thank you for the lovely compliment ^_^ Do not regret your choices. For a long while, I was distressed about not 'knowing better', but then I realized my 'damaged foot' was leading me in interesting directions. I went places I never considered, explored options and found so many wonderful modalities of healing. And I use my 'damaged foot' to emphasize that you do not have to be limited. It is only partially flexible, and I must compensate, but the compensation demonstrates how life is about modification and adaptation. Yoga is filled with vast diversity and styles. The ability to bend a toe is not relevant. There is an amazing teacher, Matthew Sanford, who is a paraplegic. A man with paralyzed legs ... not just practicing, but teaching. I look down towards my tiny toe and think how lucky I am to be walking!

    This TMS forum really has some powerful and effect ways of approaching healing. It is all really an exploration. And meeting others who share the intense desire to heal themselves creates a united community. Our approaches may be diverse, but our intentions are the same. It is a safe haven to share our frustrations and our successes.

    I look forward to seeing more of your stories ^_^

    .... always with Love and Gratitude
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  5. PattiAnn2763

    PattiAnn2763 Newcomer

    Wow!! That is awesome!! I have always wondered if there was a way to still enjoy yoga but could never find anything. I will look him up. I am so excited!! TY:) Yes your right I shouldn't regret the surgery and I will change my thinking on that:) Its been really nice chatting with you. I give you my best. Looking forward to our next conversation. PattiAnn xo
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