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Day 6 doubts

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by suej, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. suej

    suej New Member

    Yes I have doubts but I seem to be having some good times as well as bad times with "Charlie"my name for my symptoms. My listof traumatic events isn't very long ... I feel I have more anxiety,stresses, worries, anger now than I ever had before. Am I not looking deeply enough. Sometimes when I work on the program my Charlie gets worse and starts moving around. I know that is one oe of the symptoms but it is sure scary. I need to keep reading I think to alleviate my doubts
  2. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    This TMS business is crazy. When I really got into the program I felt like I had an electrical grid zooming around my body. It was really weird and intriguing. Then it would go to my knees to the point I was limping and lucky I did not fall down. Then heart palpitations which was again very intriguing. Then the old IT band would tighten up like a rock. Then the muscles on the inner thighs would tighten up, the the butt muscles..... egads. Just talk to your mind to "stop it. I am on to you. just stop it."

    Suej, this is a very positive sign that your pain is moving around. It continues to try to distract you to make you think of the physical instead of the psychological. You are on the right path. Keep up the hard work.
  3. Aziz

    Aziz Peer Supporter

    Thanks Stella, this is helpful.

    I've been having some pain in my calf (totally new --never felt it hear before), that my mind says, "sure, all the OTHER stuff was TMS, but this must be a real injury."

    It's crazy how strongly my mind wants to make it a physical problem. I must need more reconditioning...
  4. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    I recently got new tennis shoes. I walk 4-6 miles each day to work off the anxiety and pelvic floor cramping. My new tennis shoes are identical to the old. The old ones were falling off my feet. I wore my new tennis shoes ...afterwards my feet were throbbing and throbbing. That tricky TMS after me again. Can't fool me just because I have new shoes. My first thoughts were physical then I thought "no way can this be happening." My feet are still beeping a little bit but significantly less.

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