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Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by walter-z, May 14, 2014.

  1. walter-z

    walter-z New Member

    On reading Dr. Sarno´s “healing backpane” I felt very often that he is writing about me. The same happened, when I watched the videos from weeks 0 and 1 of the structured TMS recovery program. From the logical point of view I am convinced, that the processes described are the reasons for my pains.
    I have got two kinds of pain:
    Soft pains that are always present (lower back, hip) or are present only sometimes (right elbow, shoulder/neck). These pains have appeared after a laminotomy in 2010 because of a spinal stinose at L5.
    Every night about 3 o´clock I wake up due to back pains. Then I turn to an other position and fall asleep very soon. Till I get up in the morning I have to do this two or three times.
    When I´m getting up I have backpains at moving and bending down. Then I do some gymnastics, then the pains become smaller and smaller.
    Very violent pains in one of my feet. These are so heavy that I am almost not able to walk. I felt this kind of pain three times in my life:
    2008 in my right foot.
    2013 in my left foot. For a distance, I usuually walked within 30 minutes, I needed 80 minutes!
    2014 in April in my right foot. At that time I had already red Dr. Sarno´s “healing backpane”. Therefore I tried to convince my brain, that such distractions don´t have any sense.I needed the whole night for this discussion, but in the morning I didn´t have any pains in my foot.

    I have got all kinds of examinations at many doctors (general practitioner, orthopedist, neurologist, neurological clinic, physical therapist, urologist, rehab hospital). None of them could find an organic failure or the reason of my pains.

    What is left as the only reason? I think only TMS! Especially because I recogniced myself very often when reading Dr. Sarno´s book and in most treatises of the TMS Recovery Process Program.
    I do not know a doctor in Austria, who will make the diagnosis TMS. I believe, that my pains of the second kind are definitely by TMS.
    But my pains of the first kind are much softer than those described in success stories. Are they to soft for being originated by TMS? Are these pains perhaps of a kind that people, who have already overcome TMS, are still suffering?

    I will finish the TMS Recovery Program, that I have started 2 weeks ago with week 0. I am confident that I will come to terms not only with my pains of the second kind but also with the first ones.
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Tms pain comes in all forms. It can be sharp or dull or light.

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